With search engine marketing professionals or SEMs and SEOs in general for that matter, it is no wonder they have a terrible reputation. Some are amateurs who know just enough jargon to swindle companies out of millions of dollars every year; others knowingly rip people off as well! It is difficult enough to get good clients looking for help with their online presence without them having the fear that you will do the same thing to them as another company did before you got there. How infuriating can this all be?

As the digital world continues to grow, your brand is competing in an increasingly competitive field. There are a number of ways you can differentiate yourself from other brands out there — one that is often overlooked but quite impactful for any company is SEO. If you invest time into ensuring your site performs well on search engine results pages (SERP), it will lead to more website traffic as potential customers find what they are looking for easier than before with better rankings! And this is not just important because we want people coming back again: higher SERPs mean more potential clients seeing our products or services first hand too, which leads directly to increased conversion rates! That being said, hiring someone who understands how all these systems work together properly should not be taken lightly.

Ways to Find if a Search Consultant/Agency Is Fake or Not

Here are some pointers to tell if a search consultant/agency sucks or not. Hire the best SEO consulting service to get everything sorted.

Meta tags

One of the great ways to understand if a company is right for your SEO concerns is by checking their own websites. If they have a great and impressive website as an SEO consultant/agency, then you can give them the benefit of doubt. Make sure to avoid companies that exhibit the following:

  • They have deindexed themselves from all the search engines out there. If the company that claims to be specializing in SEO campaigns does not know how to remove the nofollow, noindex tags from their own site, you should not be consulting them at all.
  • They have blank meta tags. This implies that they have used a built-in template and still did not manage to fill it in properly. With a little technical help from your IT specialist, you will be able to identify the tag. If it is something like <meta name=”keywords”>, do not even bother to look any further.
  • Their og:type states the article when it should be on their homepage.

Understanding technical details like these is one of the key features of any search consultant or agency. These are some basic pointers for them. Therefore, if they are unable to follow these, it is only fair to question their capabilities as a professional.

Their website

It is important to consider how well the consulting firm has done on building its link profile as it can affect your website rankings. You might not realize that this is an issue, but if they have a low number of backlinks or tons of spammy links you could be in for some trouble since these factors are also ranked by search engines! In an age where anyone can start up as a consultant without any formal training or experience, it becomes important to know who we are working with in order not only to safeguard our reputation but also to make sure we get work done properly from the beginning until the end of service provision!  

Unsolicited emails

Hiring a search engine optimization consultant is not always easy to work with. It may take weeks to find the right person, and you could easily get taken advantage of if you are not careful about whom you hire.

There are many reasons why someone might try to sell their SEO services in an unsolicited email, but they can most often be attributed back to greed or laziness more than anything else: They want your business without putting any effort into it because they think that is all it takes.

Good search marketers are in high demand and will often turn down a new client if they have too many offers. The best way to find them is by looking up their names on social media or contacting people with similar knowledge for referrals. A good analogy that someone who knows SEOs well told me was online dating- everyone looks great until you do some background research!

What is the agency/consultant promising, and how long will it take?

Online marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Marketers and clients must work together to achieve success in online advertising, which can take time depending on the client’s goals. An agency that promises results within 60 days (or six months) is either wrong or out for your money — find someone else! Online marketing has always been seen as an investment rather than something you see instantaneously like with other forms of advertisement. It is definitely more akin to running a long-distance race because it requires both efforts from the marketer and their client at different stages throughout the campaign timeline to be successful; even then sometimes it takes longer than expected so do not get discouraged if rankings are not achieved immediately after launching into this new platform for promotion. Marketing consultants are important to any business. They help identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the competition’s for that matter. Without this analysis, it is difficult if not impossible to provide guarantees about traffic or revenue in order to get clients interested in what you have offered them. These experts are worth their weight because of all the work they put into making sure your marketing plan succeeds!

What does the agency or consultant expect from you? 

A good agency will ask you to provide your products, keywords, competition, and market share. They want this information so they can determine the best possible way for them to help or if they are even able in the first place. This is because an online marketing company needs a list of all your assets before figuring out where you are succeeding as well as areas that need improvement. A good SEO agency will take the initiative to show you trends in your traffic so that they can give more accurate advice for future marketing campaigns. If a company’s organic traffic has been steadily growing over the last few years, then it would be silly of an agency to stake all credit on recent growth — this could make sense if their clients are struggling with negative trending and need help getting back up again.

How does the consultant or agency build links?

If you want to be taken seriously, do not use SEO tactics. You need credibility and this means that your content is top quality. If the SEO starts talking about link building without any mention of content creation it is okay to start doubting their credentials because they should know better than anyone else how important a good reputation can be for them or their company.

Final Take

If you want to grow your brand, it is important that you hire a capable SEO specialist for your company. Our team of experts will work with you to create an effective marketing plan using the latest digital technology and research available. Beware of SEO consultants and agencies that do not produce results. If you are looking for an SEO consultant or agency, make sure they have a proven track record. Do not be afraid to ask questions and research their work before hiring them! Think about hiring an agency on a trial basis to test them out before you make your long-term commitment. If they are not producing the desired results, move on to another company that will get you better rankings in search engines.

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