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Basically, with so many sites operating, it can sometimes seem like a real uphill battle getting meaningful traffic to flow to your online shop. The most important route to success is having an exciting product – but you don’t want to rely on that alone. Here are some key steps you can take to drive traffic towards your e-commerce website.

Use Keywords Carefully:

Search engines like Google are key for bringing traffic to your site. The majority of online searches are conducted through search engines – with the remaining searches being conducted through social media and word of mouth. When searching for a product or service web users type their queries into a text bar. The words they actually type into this text bar are known as ‘keywords’. When looking to drive traffic to your website, you’ll need to do some good old-fashioned research to find out what your intended customer base is actually searching for. 

Market research and analysis are very important to gaining traffic. Finding out which keywords your audience is likely to be using will allow you to include these words in your online copy. If you include words that are likely to be searched by your potential customers in the content of your website, they are far more likely to find you using a search engine. This is a basic principle that makes up a part of the Search Engine Optimization process.

Use A Platform Designed for SEO From the Ground Up:

Search Engine Optimization is a pretty much self-explanatory term. Search Engine Optimization encompasses a set of practices designed to drive traffic to a website by optimizing both the site and marketing materials so that it appears near the top of the page when search engine users type relevant keywords into Google or one of its competitors. Unfortunately, although the term is self-explanatory, the process is often complex. All sorts of factors contribute to the search engine ranking of a website. Link authority, keyword usage, quality of content, and popularity all have some part to play. What’s more, the importance of each factor continuously changes as search engine providers tweak their algorithms. 

Building an e-commerce website from scratch can lead to some challenges. You might find yourself having to continuously pay for fundamental changes to your site in order to keep up with Search Engine Optimization trends.

Building a site on a platform that prioritizes SEO from the ground up can alleviate some of the work behind keeping your site search engine-friendly. Platforms such as Magneto and WordPress allow for tags, SEO plugins, and post categorizations – all of which help with gaining traffic from search engines. What is more, these platforms and their associated plugins are regularly updated to keep in line with SEO trends, and often require little to no coding ability for making small changes to your site. 

Don’t Just Do It All Yourself

The problem with using a platform for creating an e-commerce website is that the user-friendly templates for site creation are all very popular. This means that you might end up with a website that looks just like any other if you try and do it all yourself. For a website that really commands the attention of visitors – and converts them into repeat customers – it is far more sensible to commission a bespoke design based upon a proven platform. An experienced WordPress developer will be able to create a well-optimized and stylish website that looks completely unique. A website that looks different from competitors will stay in the memory of your visitors and drive returning traffic. 

Keep A Blog (And Keep on Posting)

Consistency is key when it comes to creating content that people might actually want to read. If your online shop seems to be in a state of stasis people are unlikely to visit casually or check for new products and updates. A blog is a great way of providing your site with a sense of movement. Track your search for new products, your enthusiasm for creators, or your own creative process in a weekly or bi-weekly blog. Include helpful content like style guides, project run-throughs, or reviews. Helpful content like this is far more likely to be sought out by customers. It will also improve your search engine rankings if you play your cards right. Remember to carefully use keywords and tags when posting on your blog. 

Linking to collaborators or peers is also a great way of forming a network of supportive businesses. Linking businesses together online can help drive custom. If two trusted businesses recommend each other, then they share in the trust that they have created. Blogging is a proven way for e-commerce businesses to increase the amount of web traffic they receive. 

Influencers Are Powerful

Working in collaboration with online influencers is a marketing phenomenon that has reshaped promotion during the internet age. Perhaps the greatest and most obvious benefit of partnering with influencers is that they already have reached it. If you do the correct market research, you’ll be able to figure out what your target audience is. Once you know your audience, further research will help you find out what kind of influencers speak directly to your market. 

Influencer marketing is highly influential. This might explain why companies are pouring money into it like never before. The influencer marketing industry is set to be worth 15 billion dollars by 2022

For e-commerce businesses, influencers are invaluable. Your target audience can be reached more efficiently than ever by social media personalities that they trust. What’s more, these representatives of your brand can link their audiences directly to your shop. 

Use Social Media

According to a recent report released by Datareportal, the way people search for brands and products is beginning to change. The gulf between the number of people using search engines and people using social media to find products is narrowing. This has big implementations for e-commerce businesses. If you want to draw traffic to your site it is now more important than ever to have a wide-reaching and active social media presence. Targeted advertising is also extremely potent on social media platforms. If you are running a small business, the added pressure of running several social media accounts while also dealing with the day-to-day organization of the company can be a huge hassle. It is often worth hiring a team member for your eCommerce development, social media, and online marketing. 

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