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Today’s subject matter is How to Create UI Component Grid and Form in Magento 2. The UI component grid and form are the most paramount features for admin users. Despite that, there are numerous developers who encounter challenges while creating UI component grids and forms in Magento 2 backend panel.

Magento 2 Grid is a sort of record that arranges the details in your database report and provides you some peculiarities like sorting, filtering, deleting, updating items, and more. 

For this reason, I will be explaining to you to Create Magento 2 UI Component Grid and Form.

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Steps to Create UI Component Grid and Form in Magento 2

Step 1:  Create database schema


Step 2:  create a routes.xml


Step 3:  create a menu.xml


Step 4: create a di.xml


Step 5: create a Custom.php Model File


Step 6: we will also need to create a Custom.php ResourceModel file


Step 7: we will create a Collection.php file 


Step 8: Next step is to create a DataProvider.php file


Step 9: After that, we will now create an Index.php file in the Controller


Step 10:  we also create an Add.php file


Step 11: In the layout folder, we will be adding a UI component grid and form in our demo project.

Let’s create a uiexample_index_index.xml file


Step 12:  we also need to create an uiexample_index_add.xml file


Step 13: In the ui_component folder, produce the UI Grid and Form file.

Create  custom_grid_listing.xml file


Step 14:  we will create an uiexample_form.xml UI grid file


Step 15: We need to create a Save.php file


Step 16: we will also need to create a Save.php


Bottom Line

Calling it a day!

In this manner, you can Create UI Component Grid and Form in Magento 2. We anticipate this blog was a beneficial one for you. If you face troubles while executing the code, go ahead and mention them in the comments section below.

Happy Coding!

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