In this blog, we will learn How to Create a Laravel Shopify App using Shopify Command-Line Interface (CLI).

Shopify CLI (Command Line Interface) helps to create Shopify Apps. Using CLI, you can quickly generate Shopify apps and app extensions. 

Requirements for Creating Shopify PHP App using Shopify CLI:

  • Create a Partner account and a development store
  • Install Node.js 14.17.0 or higher
  • Install a Node.js package manager: either npm, Yarn 1.x, or pnpm
  • Install Git 2.28.0 or higher
  • Use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox

Steps to Create Shopify PHP App using Shopify CLI:

Step 1: Enter the below command in your directory

You will be asked to enter the app name

Then select the php template 

Step 2: Go to your newly created app directory using the following command

Step 3: Go to the web folder using the below command 

web folder

Step 4: Install your composer dependencies 

composer install

Step 5: Next, create a .env file using the below command 

After that, create the database you want and add details of the database in the .env file 

Step 6: Now, generate APP_KEY for the app

generate app key

Step 7:  Then, create tables for the database using the below command

create tables

Tadaa! Your Laravel app is ready.

Step 8: Now you need to switch back to your app’s root folder using the below command

Now run the below command in your terminal to start your app 

start app

Copy the Preview Url and paste it into your browser to install the app 

preview URL

Step 9: You have to login into your Shopify admin store

Click Install app to install the app in the store

install app

And your app is created successfully

app created successfully


This way, you can Create Shopify PHP App using Shopify CLI. If you have any doubts, share them with me through the comment section. Share the article with your Shopify or Laravel friends to help them create Shopify Apps using Shopify CLI commands.

Happy Coding!

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