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Shopify sales channels play a vital role in increasing website traffic over time. Today, in this Shopify tutorial, we will learn to connect your Pinterest account to your Shopify store and leverage the power of this social media website.

Pinterest is a great social media tool for eCommerce businesses, especially if their target audience is female, as it is in this video. Being a visual platform, it prioritizes supplying visual content over creating social conversations. As a result, it has become the second most popular social media platform for driving visitors to online stores, allowing online merchants to grow their businesses on Pinterest successfully.

Steps to Connect Pinterest to your Shopify Store

Step 1 –

Before beginning with the steps, you must log in to your Shopify store.

Now, go to the Shopify admin panel → Sales channels

How to Connect Pinterest to The Shopify Store

Search ? for Pinterest. 

As you have not yet connected to Pinterest, you will be redirected to the Shopify app store, from where you need to install Pinterest into your Shopify store.

Once Pinterest is installed, log in to your Pinterest account and authorize your Shopify store to manage and access your data store.

After creating an Ad Account and a Pinterest Tag, you can see the Ad Settings. Your tag will be installed automatically on Shopify once you have an advertising account and have approved our terms of service. 

The tag helps track conversions and create targeted audiences based on visitor actions on your website.

Step 2 –

Fill up Pinterest billing information.

How to Connect Pinterest to The Shopify Store?

Save your work and proceed.

Step 3 –

Once you have completed all these previous steps, Pinterest will be added to your Shopify sales channels.

You can ensure your integration by visiting your Shopify backend and searching for your sales channel. Pinterest will be added.

How to Connect Pinterest to The Shopify Store?

Ending Phrase

Using the integrated features of Pinterest and Shopify offers numerous benefits, such as advanced advertising tools, detailed analytics, and regular email updates. For those who already have a personal account on Pinterest, it is recommended to switch to a business account to unlock additional insights and tools. 

If you require further assistance in developing effective strategies, feel free to contact us or get in touch with us via our official Facebook page.

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