Ecommerce payment methods are one of the important factors behind the success of stores. Even though there are various payment methods available online, but cash on delivery is still a hot favorite & trustable payment method compared to other available methods. According to a recent survey, 70 % of shoppers ate likely to use Cash on Delivery to prevent their self from online transnational frauds. Understanding customer convenience and providing better service is must to be ahead in online E-commerce competition. But everything doesn’t end up here when you store get thousands of orders every day it will become more difficult to identify that which orders are placed using Cash on Delivery Payment method.

So, we are back with an interesting trick that will help you to identify that which orders are placed using Cash on Delivery Payment method directly from the Sales Order Grid in Magento 2.

To do the same, first we need to override “Adminhtml_Sales_Order_Grid” file by creating new “config.xml” file.
In this file override Adminhtml_Sales_Order_Grid.

Now we need to create one more file “grid.php” file at below location.

‘; return $orderId; } else{ return $orderId; } } }

That’s it. Simply clear cache and you are done with coloring Cash on Delivery Payment method orders in Magento Sales Order Grid. You can even use or customize this code according to your need for colouing different grids with your specified condition. Also, you can track all admin action activities by installing Magento 2 Admin Actions Log Extension.
That’s it for today, Let us know if you are facing an issue while implementing using this code by commenting below.
Happy Coding!

Cash On Delivery Suite Magento 2

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