Ecommerce business has taken over the brick and mortar stores so drastically that it is rather frightening. The switch to buying online from the convenience of your home or office has made consumers excessively prone to searching everything online.

There is nothing better than starting your business and then watch it grow while you reap its benefits. However, if you do not have the proper team to build it, you’re probably in deep trouble. If you’ve been through this and you previously, very enthusiastically, started e-commerce store is next to dead, this is the right time to relaunch it for maximum return on investments.

retain ecommerce sales

With the fact in mind that e-commerce sales worldwide are expected to steadily grow in the next 5 years, you must gear up for bringing your e-commerce store to life again.

Get a team, your store and all the hard work deserves and buckle up for the tips we’ve got for you. This is the ultimate guide to relaunch your e-commerce store with a bang!

7 Ways to bring life to your abandoned e-commerce store

1. Go for paid online campaigns

First and the foremost thing for any online business in this time and era is extensive online marketing. With an ocean of e-commerce store flooding the online world, you got to get your ecommerce store heard and known.

Your fundamental target is to bring people to your site and convert them to consumers who actually buy. However, it is impossible if most of the people don’t even know about your store. You need to get your word out there so that potential customers would know.

There is nothing better than using the prime channel that people daily use for marketing your online store. Use social media for marketing campaigns. Get Facebook/Instagram ads. Paid promotion is one of the most effective ways to promote your website to the right potential customers.

Initially, to test the waters, start with low costing campaigns and determine your audience. See which type of campaign works to serve your goals the best. Once, determined, continue with the paid marketing campaign that suits you the most.


2. Simplify the ordering procedure

Once you’ve got traffic to your site, you need to gain more and more conversions. You need the visitors to your site to buy something for you. The simplest idea is to make your ordering and buying procedure easier.

Design your ecommerce store as such that the buying and ordering procedure is hassle-free and uncomplicated. People do not buy from sites that have a lengthy ordering procedure or that require too much information in addition to the basic things like address and number.

Additionally, to make your potential customers more comfortable, add more than one payment options. It is an era of online banking and plastic money. Update your ecommerce store with time and have your potential customers choose the payment method that suits them.

You can also add a customization option to the products so that consumers can get professional logo design done according to their style.


3. Launch a blog for your ecommerce store

If you’ve built up something, people should know about it. Blogging has become a great source of authentic information about anything and everything. From reviews of hair accessories to different carpenter tools, there is nothing that bloggers don’t write about.

It is one of the most effective and informal modes of communicating information to the people. Get a blog initiated for your otherwise abandoned e-commerce store. Blog about your services, your distinctive features and offers, what makes you stand out, and why people should be buying from you.


4. Contact social influencers

Social media users are undoubtedly influenced by the people they follow and like. Who wouldn’t love to buy those pair of heels that Kim Kardashian wore and wrote about on her account? Or who wouldn’t love to go and visit the site Gigi Hadid mentioned about?

It is an age where social media influencers rule. Therefore, use social influencers to get your ecommerce store marketed. Send then your products for free and ask for a review or mention on their accounts in return. Choose your social media influencers wisely – select the ones that have the kind of following that matches your target audience.


5. Offer discounts vouchers

Relaunching your e-commerce store implies that you should have something new to offer to your customers. If, for instance, you have an online leather jacket store, launching it must include discounts and offers that your potential consumers do not want to miss.

Offering discounts and free vouchers help attract more customers to your ecommerce site as the word gets around.


6. Add Customer reviews and testimonials

It is said that 77% of consumers buy products online after reading their reviews. Trusting an online store is hard, and consumer psychology asserts that they want to have some sort of credibility check before they go on and order something.

It is the reason why you should add customer reviews to your store’s site and its products. After successful purchase and delivery contact your customers to provide feedback on your product. Put it up on the site along with the same product so that when the next customer visits your store and checks out the product, they can check the reviews and be satisfied.


7. Optimize your website for mobile

app vs site

It is one of the biggest mistakes of current times if you haven’t optimized your e-commerce store site for mobile. More than half of the searches around the world are performed on mobile devices.

Thus, if you do not facilitate your potential customers, you might lose a lot of them. In order to reach to a maximum number of potential customers, have your e-commerce store’s site optimized for mobile. It will increase the circle of your reach and surely affect the traffic generated to your site. It also helps improve conversion rates.



Don’t lose hope if your e-commerce store didn’t reward you the way it should’ve. The online world is filled with various e-commerce stores marketing their niches. You just have to jump right in the pool and get yourself recognized.

Let us know how our tips helped you!

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