Hello Magento Merchants,

Evidently, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps in improving the quality and quantity of traffic for your Magento 2 store. SEO for Magento also enhances the store visibility on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

For Magento 2 websites, SEO is very important but the default Magento functions may not be enough to boost the store’s SEO performance. But no worries, there are plenty of Magento SEO plugins that will help you get optimal SEO results.

We have sorted out the 10 Best Magento 2 SEO extension. This exclusive list of the SEO plugin for Magento 2 will make your work easy to choose the best for your Magento 2 store.

Let’s check out the best Magento 2 SEO extension.

Quick Overview of Best Magento 2 SEO Plugins

Before digging into all the Magento SEO extension in detail, let’s take a quick tour of all the SEO plugin for Magento 2.

Merchant Product Name Price Visit Site
amasty logo SEO Toolkit for Magento 2 $299/year Visit
bss commerce logo Magento 2 SEO Extension $149 Visit
Super Easy SEO $0.00 Visit
mageplaza logo Magento 2 SEO Extension $99 Visit
mageworx logo SEO Suite Ultimate extension for Magento 2 $299 Visit
webkul logo Magento 2 SEO Extension $99.00 Visit
Magento 2 SEO Extension $99.00 Visit
magedelight logo Magento 2 SEO Pro Extension $249 Visit
mirasvit logo Magento 2 SEO Extension $149 Visit
fmeextensions logo SEO Ultimate Pack for Magento 2 $279.99 Visit

Best Magento 2 SEO Plugins in 2022

Magento 2 stores can take advantage of their desired Magento SEO plugin from the below list of best Magento SEO extension and strengthen their website visibility in the Google search.

SEO Toolkit for Magento 2 by Amasty

amasty SEO plugin

Amasty has an all-in-one SEO Toolkit for Magento 2 that helps in maximizing the website traffic and growing store sales revenue. Merchants can track the SEO performance of their store using this Magento SEO extension. This SEO plugin for Magento 2 helps to solve many problems related to optimization.


  • Real-time tracking of SEO effectiveness of any webpage
  • Automatic generation of meta tags to save time
  • Display additional information on search with rich snippets
  • Cross-link functionality helps to increase crawling
  • Unique and SEO-friendly product URLs that eradicate duplicate content
  • Engage more users in social media by optimizing social media posts
  • Automatic XML Sitemap generation that helps in indexing

Price: $299/year

Magento 2 SEO Extension by BSSCommerce

BSSCommerce possesses a complete package of SEO suite Magento 2. The brilliant features of this Magento SEO module will help you rank first in the SERPs. Maximize your SEO effectively by using this Magento 2 SEO suite.


  • Highlight your website on SERPs using rich snippets
  • Advanced functions to improve site navigation through breadcrumbs
  • Let users know about your site through a customized HTML sitemap
  • Better crawling with an XML sitemap
  • Improve indexing of your website with Robot Meta Tag
  • Easily handle SEO of multiple sites with Canonical and Hreflang Tags
  • Manage 301 redirects for a better user experience
  • Auto-generate meta tags image Alt tags
  • Audit SEO performance from backend and frontend

Price: $149

Super Easy SEO by Magenest

magenest seo plugin

Magenest Super Easy SEO plugin for Magento 2 will help build your online presence. This Magento 2 SEO extension free aids in improving your Magento 2 store rankings. Get to Google’s first position using this Magento 2 SEO extension. 


  • Automatically generate metadata of thousands of products
  • Get rid of duplicate content issue
  • Structured data markup for easy indexing
  • Smoothly manage the crawling of your website
  • Content quality check to make it SEO-friendly
  • Manage internal linking and redirection
  • Efficiently create products and category SEO templates
  • Automatically create image alt tag for better rankings
  • Manage robot meta tag from admin
  • Easily fix issues with SEO live preview

Price: $0.00

Magento 2 SEO Extension by Mageplaza

mageplaza seo plugin

Mageplaza contains a pack of remarkable features in their Magento 2 SEO extension. Better your SEO performance with this Magento SEO plugin. Get noticed by your potential customers and improve the website traffic by integrating this Magento SEO extension.


  • Prevent duplicate content to hinder your store rankings
  • Automatically add schema structured data
  • Preset dynamic metadata information
  • Hreflang tags to inform search engines about the page language
  • Quick SEO report to solve the major issues
  • Preview search results before submitting
  • Advanced HTML/XML Sitemaps
  • Support cross-linking and layered navigation
  • Make site content more readable with the robots metadata tag

Price: $99

SEO Suite Ultimate extension for Magento 2 by Mageworx

mageworx seo plugin

Mageworx all-in-one SEO suite Magento 2 plugin will boost site click-through rate and visibility with its powerful features. Obtain noticeable improvement in SEO performance using the Magento 2 SEO suite. This SEO suite Magento 2 covers all the major aspects of SEO to boost higher rankings.


  • Set canonical URLs easily
  • Improve internal linking of the site
  • Product and category SEO templates for automatic metadata generation
  • Detailed search results with rich snippets
  • Optimization of pagination pages
  • Offer convenience to users with smart breadcrumbs
  • Generate HTML and XML sitemap
  • Support GraphQL API for PWA storefronts
  • Get SEO reports of product, category, and CMS pages

Price: $299

Magento 2 SEO Extension by Webkul

webkul seo plugin

Webkul SEO plugin for Magento 2 improves the technical SEO of your Magento 2 store. Accelerate store visibility by integrating this Magento SEO plugin. This Magento SEO module shows the SEO meter to check the SEO level of the store and improve it further. Bring potential traffic to your store with this Magento 2 SEO module.


  • Display additional product information with rich snippets
  • Improve the on-page SEO with an SEO meter
  • Check the mobile and desktop view of the search engine result page
  • Show site links search box on SERP
  • Get email notification of the 404 pages
  • Settings to manage instructions for web crawlers and bots

Price: $99.00

Magento 2 SEO Extension by Magefan

Magefan easy-to-manage Magento SEO plugin is simple to use and configure that will boost the online presence of your store. Automate SEO-related features by using this best SEO plugin for Magento. The set of advanced features aids in building better visibility of your store.


  • Create SEO templates for meta titles, descriptions, and tags
  • Avoid duplicate content by applying canonical tags
  • Add keywords in the head and “people also searched” for sections
  • Enable automatic redirects with a simple configuration
  • SEO-friendly URLs for better rankings
  • Easy navigation of the site with breadcrumbs
  • Cross linking to improve page authority

Price: $99.00

Magento 2 SEO Pro Extension by Magedeilght

magedelight seo plugin

Magedelight Magento 2 SEO suite comes with a wide range of features to enhance store visibility, website traffic, and boat sales. This Magento 2 SEO extension has a broad set of functionalities that will cover the entire SEO of your store. 


  • Smart toolbar for analyzing on-page SEO
  • Better search results with rich snippets
  • Automated meta tag using templates
  • Track user’s activity with Facebook pixel
  • Comfortable generate dynamic HTML & Google XML sitemaps
  • Manage broken links with the SEO toolbar

Price: $249

Magento 2 SEO Extension by Mirasvit

Mirasvit robust Magento 2 SEO extension is an amazing package of SEO features that will help you save time and money with automated tasks. This SEO suite Magento 2 will secure first place in the Google SERPs. Elevate search engine performance and get more traffic with this SEO plugin for Magento 2.


  • Advanced SEO templates that generate meta tags
  • Adding cross links to website pages automatically
  • Rich snippets to better show information in SERPs
  • Set up 301, 302, or 307 redirects for site URL
  • Defining canonical, language, and relationship tags
  • Realtime evaluation of SEO performance with toolbar
  • Advanced HTML and XML sitemap

Price: $149

SEO Ultimate Pack by fmeextensions

fmeextensions seo plugin

FMEextensions has an ultimate pack of Magento 2 SEO that will optimize the on-page SEO of your Magento 2 store. This Magento SEO extension requires minimum efforts to better your Google rankings. Bring potential customers to your store from search engines by integrating this SEO suite Magento 2.


  • Automatically create meta Title, description, and keywords
  • Automatically generate SEO-optimized Alt Tags for images
  • Extended rich snippet tags for Google 
  • Hreflang tag to handle language duplicate content
  • Easily add no index and no follow tags
  • Internal linking for the product, category, and CMS pages

Price: $279.99

Benefits of Magento SEO Extension

Eliminating the SEO of your Magento 2 store will adversely affect the store revenue. No matter how high-quality products you have. If people cannot find you, you will not grow in terms of revenue and popularity.

Here’s a list of advantages that you can have using the Magento SEO extension.

  • People can easily find your store if you are using the SEO plugin for Magento 2.
  • Most of the features are automated when you purchase the Magento SEO plugin, this will save your time and money.
  • Using the Magento SEO plugin is a cost-effective way to boost SEO performance rather than spending tons on hiring an SEO expert.
  • Once you strengthen online visibility by using Magento 2 SEO extension, it will have an impact for a significant period of time.


There are plenty of Magento 2 SEO extension free and paid available in the market which can help you a lot. Here we have mentioned the best Magento SEO extension from which you can have your pick. Before selecting the Magento SEO plugin for your store, have a thorough study of the features, platform supported, pricing, and more.

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