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As always I am with an interesting topic to discuss with you all. Which is the Best Magento Payment Gateway PayPal Vs Stripe? Let’s get Started?


Basically, when it comes to running an E-commerce store then payment gateway is one of the most mandatory things. There is a lot of impact in business when it comes to using types of payment gateway that accepts payments. Consumers will never risk getting less secure or an inconvenient payment gateway for doing payment. As we all know Magento is one of the most popular E-commerce platforms that offers many features. Magento provides many different types of payment gateways that are used to pay on your store during the checkout process. There are many mandatory things that you have to take care of during the selection of payment gateway. One should always prefer the payment gateway that helps your customers to pay smoothly without any difficulties. Hence, in this blog, I will help you in selecting the Best Payment Gateway for Magento.

Stripe Payment Gateway for Magento:

Stripe is a US-based online payment gateway used to send & receive money that is used by all the E-commerce stores. Stripe is used in 25+ countries. It is very popular for all the in-house programmers as they can customize accordingly. Supports all types of credit cards. 

Stripe Payment Gateway Pros:

  • Easy to use by customers.
  • Flat, predictable rates
  • Smoothly keep and move your customer data
  • Nonprofit discounts
  • No contract required
  • 24/7 support
  • Multiple support options (phone, live chat, email and help center)
  • PCI Compliant

Stripe Payment Gateway Cons:

  • Not user-friendly to set up Stripe.
  • Not as popular or a household name like PayPal
  • Takes longer to access your money (Approx 2-day average)
  • No fees returned with refunds
  • Inconsistent support quality
  • Available in fewer countries compared to PayPal
  • Online invoicing free till $1M in sales only.

PayPal Payment Gateway for Magento:

PayPal is a very popular online payment gateway used to send and accept payments. PayPal is used in 203+ countries. It supports almost all types of credit cards. It has more than 267 million customer accounts and used by more than 21 million merchants.

PayPal Payment Gateway Pros:

  • Flat, predictable rates
  • Funds are available immediately in your PayPal account.
  • Quick and easy to set up an account
  • Users are familiar with and trust PayPal
  • Free online invoicing
  • Effortless for your customers to use
  • Capable of integrating with POS systems
  • No contract required
  • Multiple support options (email, phone and live chat)
  • Nonprofit discounts
  • PCI Compliant
  • Available in more than 200 countries

PayPal Payment Gateway Cons:

  • No Recurring Billing
  • Inconsistent support quality
  • During the checkout process, customers are redirected from your website.
  • No fees returned with refunds
  • Unable to move all customer data to another payment processor.
  • Higher chargeback fee ($20)

Stripe Pricing vs PayPal Payment Gateways Pricing Model:

Service PayPal Stripe
Transaction fees [1] 2.9% + 30¢ 2.9% + 30¢
Charge cards from your website $30 / month [2] Free
Chargeback $20 $15
American Express 3.5% [3] Same flat rate
Micropayments (less than $10) 5% + .05¢ Same flat rate
Refund Fixed fee only returned [4] Fees not returned
International cards 1% [5] Free [6]
Authorize card 30¢ [7] Free
Recurring Billing $10 / month Free
Advanced Fraud Protection $10 / month [8] Free [9]
Accept Apple Pay © Not available Free

*Note: Both the payment gateways pricing structure may vary based on different countries.

Over to You:

Both the payment gateways offer the best features you can choose any of the payment gateways from PayPal and Stripe. The selection of the payment gateway from this both totally depends on your business specifications. Hopefully, all are cleared in the confusion of selecting payment gateway for the Magento store. In case any difficulties in payment gateway configuration then checkout Magento 2 Payment Gateway Integration Service. If any more questions comment down in the comment section below I will help there. Make yourself helpful by sharing the article with your E-commerce business friends. Till then Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

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