If you are an eCommerce business owner, the world is your oyster. There are a lot of opportunities for growth in the eCommerce industry. Store owners cannot just have a website and make a nice fat profit. They need to be where their customers are.

With the rise of mobile devices, people are stuck to mobile phones 24/7. Store owners need to think of targeting mobile users. eCommerce merchants can enter the mobile application world and enhance their customer base. Converting an eCommerce website into a robust mobile application is advantageous for business growth.

Why Need Mobile Apps For Ecommerce?

At present, mobile commerce is growing by leaps and bounds. Mobile commerce enables users to purchase goods and services anywhere and at any time. Mobile applications offer speed, convenience, and adaptability in shopping to users.

The mobile app provides a more optimized user experience compared to websites. With mobile apps, you can gain a competitive edge and take your business to the next level. eCommerce mobile apps help to increase average order value and conversion rates.

The easiest way to get into the mobile commerce world is to connect with the best mobile app builder. eCommerce mobile app builder helps you quickly set up a mobile application for your eCommerce store. Let’s check out some of the best no code mobile app builders that can make your business stand out.

Quick Overview of Best eCommerce Mobile App Builders

Mobile App Provider Key Features Pricing App Link
magecomp logo Ready-to-use | Android & iOS | no code app builder Monthly – $29, Basic – $299, PRO – $599 Buy Now
mobiloud logo Sync with your site | native apps for iOS and Android Startup – $170/month , Growth – $382/month, Corporate – Custom price Buy Now
goodbarber logo No code required | One-Stop-Shop eCommerce Platform Starting at $36/month Buy Now
plobal apps logo Especially for Shopify stores | no-code mobile apps Growth – $199/month, Essential – $199/month, Enterprise – Starting at $799/month Buy Now
tapcart logo Particularly for Shopify stores | Launch Mobile App in hours CORE – $250/mo, ULTIMATE – $550/mo, ENTERPRISE – Starting at $1,200/mo Buy Now
shoutem logo No-Code App Maker | Native App Builder Android – $59 per month, Standard – $99 per month, Professional – $189 per month Buy Now
builderfly logo Mobile app in minutes | Manage on the go Starter – Rs. 15000/year, Growth – Rs. 27500/year, Enterprise – Rs. 40000/year, Lifetime – Rs. 125000 one time fee Buy Now

Best eCommerce Mobile App Builders

Here are some of the best no code mobile app builder that help you launch your eCommerce mobile application quickly. 

MageComp – Mobile App Builders

With MageComp Mobile App Builder, you can take your store one step ahead by launching a robust mobile app for android and iOS with no code required. With this best mobile app builder, you can comfortably move from desktop to mobile apps for a better user experience. The ready-to-use eCommerce mobile app builder will help you grab potential customers and fulfill your business goals.

magecomp - ecommerce mobile app builder

Key Features:

  • Grab customers’ attention with attractive banner sliders on your eCommerce mobile app.
  • Directly redirect customers to a specific brand page by showing the brand slider on the mobile app dashboard.
  • Include best sellers, new arrivals, and featured products separately on the eCommerce mobile app homepage.
  • Increase customer engagement by sending push notifications directly to the customer’s mobile device.
  • Streamline the login process of your eCommerce mobile app by offering social login options.
  • Include the option of coupon code at the checkout process to enhance the customer shopping experience.
  • Offer multiple shipping and payment methods to enable customers to easily make purchases.
  • MageComp’s eCommerce app builder comes with app APK and source code.


  • Monthly – $29
  • Basic – $299
  • PRO – $599


With MobiLoud’s native app builder, you can get your eCommerce mobile app running in less than two weeks for android and iOS. Your eCommerce website gets entirely synced with your eCommerce mobile app, which becomes easy for the admin to manage the mobile app. This best app builder helps to create a rich and modern mobile shopping experience for customers. You can build a powerful mobile app with a mobile app builder no code requirement.

mobiloud - ecommerce mobile app builder

Key Features:

  • Native tab menu to allow customers easily access the top menus of your eCommerce mobile app.
  • Let your customers decide what type of message and notifications they want to receive.
  • Real-time synchronization of the website with the mobile app.
  • Save messages in the app that the user receives to help them revisit them in the future.
  • Completely customize the app that meets your requirements.
  • Rating prompts to encourage customers to leave feedback about your eCommerce mobile app.
  • Splash screen display while the app loads for better UX and offers an engaging user experience.


  • Startup – $170/month 
  • Growth – $382/month
  • Corporate – Custom price


GoodBarder is the best mobile app builder that allows the creation of a shopping app for your eCommerce online store. Easily customize your mobile app using no code app builders like GoodBarber. Boost conversion rates with integrated features of eCommerce mobile app builder. Instantly gain visibility on Google Play Store and App Store with the best no code mobile app builder. Bring your business to all platforms and overtake the competitive market.

Key Features:

  • Embed multiple payment options and target a wider audience with your eCommerce mobile app.
  • Import/export any number of products with just one click.
  • Various tools like Abandoned recovery, buy again, cart popup reminder, and quick buy button to optimize sales through the mobile app.
  • Send custom push notifications and email to customers at every stage of order processing. 
  • The eCommerce app builder provides the functionality to show blogs on your mobile app for better visibility on search engines.
  • Optimize customers’ shopping experience with one-click checkout.
  • Automatic login to offer comfort and speed in purchasing.
  • The native app builder comes with 30 splendid themes to choose from based on your brand niche.


  • Starting at $36/month

Plobal Apps

Plobal Apps is the best app builder, especially for Shopify stores. This eCommerce app builder will help to convert Shopify stores to an effective and custom mobile app. Increase your customers’ average order value and loyalty by working with an eCommerce mobile app builder. This best no code mobile app builder seamlessly integrates all the Shopify Apps you need. Mobile app experts provide 24/7 support to get your app up and running.

Key Features:

  • Customize the design of your mobile app with a custom layout and color options.
  • On the basis of your customer buying habits and browsing history, you can create custom push notifications.
  • Get data of your audience you need to know for marketing strategies.
  • Send push notifications to get back abandoned carts, new products promotion, and offer discounts.
  • Easily integrate all Shopify apps you need in your mobile app.


  • Growth – $199/month
  • Essential – $199/month
  • Enterprise – Starting at $799/month


Tapcart is the best mobile app builder for the Shopify store. Launch a tremendous mobile app for your Shopify store with no code requirement. You can launch your apps in hours using the Shopify mobile app builder no code requirement. Drag and drop editor to build your Shopify mobile application with the native app builder. Shopify mobile app allows reaching your customers instantly. Create a replica of your Shopify store in the form of a Mobile app without compromising on any of the features and functionalities.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop editor to create a custom Shopify mobile app quickly.
  • Send push notifications to recover abandoned carts, grab new sales, and run promotions. 
  • Single page checkout helps customers to make a purchase quickly.
  • Custom-branded QR Codes help to drive more app installs.
  • Improve user browsing experience with advanced search options.
  • Embed blogs, lookbooks, videos, and more directly in the Shopify mobile app.


  • CORE – $250/mo
  • ULTIMATE – $550/mo
  • ENTERPRISE – Starting at $1,200/mo


Shoutem is the best no code mobile app builder that allows the creation of premium mobile apps without a single line of coding. Using this best app builder, you can publish your mobile app to the app stores in just four easy steps. Using the no code app builders for your eCommerce store, you can increase the engagement rate of customers in no time. 2-factor authentication helps to keep the mobile app secure and safe. Style and design your mobile app according to your needs and fully customize it.

Key Features:

  • Create a mobile app for android and iOS platforms to enhance your reach.
  • Drag-and-drop mobile app builder that requires no technical knowledge.
  • Serve your customers better with app analytics and convert them.
  • Before going live, review and test your app as a user and fix any bugs immediately.
  • Improve user engagement and sales by sending push notifications of various events.
  • Integrate social media platforms within your app to boost your online presence.
  • Easily import and export content from any other sources to your mobile app.
  • The mobile app runs in offline mode as well.


  • Android – $59 per month
  • Standard – $99 per month
  • Professional – $189 per month


Builderfly is also one of the best eCommerce app builder that provides AI-generated mobile apps. Quickly launch your mobile app on android and iOS platforms using a native app builder and start selling. Let your business be visible to millions of people using a mobile device with the help of the best no code mobile app builder. Automatic data sync between the online store and website with Builderfly’s best app builder. Manage the app on the go using your phone.

builderfly - ecommerce mobile app builder

Key Features:

  • Build your mobile app only once and use it to publish on multiple platforms.
  • No hassle and extra cost of publishing your app on Google Play store and App store.
  • Extensive user guide on how to publish your app on your own.
  • Stay in touch with your customers through push notifications.
  • Get the history of push notifications when it was sent, what the customer’s response, and more.
  • Track the live journey of customers on your mobile app and offer an instant discount through push notifications to increase sales.


  • Starter – Rs. 15000/year
  • Growth – Rs. 27500/year
  • Enterprise – Rs. 40000/year
  • Lifetime – Rs. 125000 one time fee

Wrapping Up

Having a mobile app for your eCommerce store is essential; otherwise, you will miss out on a broad set of potential customers. With an eCommerce mobile app builder you can have your mobile app ready in a few hours without technical knowledge and huge investments. The best no code mobile app builder are discussed above, select the appropriate one for your business and start getting revenue from app stores. 

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