With more than 5 Billion active internet users, the E-commerce industry has seen a huge growth in the last few years. Most of the enterprises are switching to online business operations to reach more potential buyers. There are numerous platforms available to build an online store, but Magento is the best of all. If you have opted Magento for your E-commerce store, you have joined a huge community of vendors who took the same CMS to meet their business sales. Magento’s wide range of extensions and themes make it perfect for building highly functional E-commerce stores that meet the diverse needs of store owners and their customers. Magento CMS has everything a business needs to build a variety of store applications, plug-ins, and modules. Hence, if your business is not using Magento CMS, our blog aims to highlight those features around why Magento app development is perfect for your business.

Important Reasons To Opt Magento

1. Open-Source

Magento is an open-source CMS with a simple option available for easy download. It gets regular support and updates from a huge community. Community usually consist of contributors, researchers and developers. In addition, a premium version is also available for store development. Proper hosting service is also offered to store merchants. Cloud hosting lowers the cost of ownership, and you do not have to bear the cost of maintaining the service.

2. Fast Loading

Magento has gained popularity because of the flexibility to display the fastest loading web pages. The processing is made quite easier with lower HTTP requests than any other. With fast loading speed more business owners are opting it for their online store and this has lead to an increase in the conversion. Consumers also prefer using stores having fast speed and smooth navigation.

3. Single-Page Checkout

Buyers avoid stores having a complicated checkout process. But with Magento, the shopping cart process is simple and properly optimized. Multiple pages can be created according to their preferences. It allows smooth one-click payments, and product shipping to other addresses if required. The customer can buy a product as a guest or a user to avoid the registration method. In short, complete shipping, and payments, with a smooth checkout process is a part of Magento App development solutions.

4. Product Management

The Magento CMS allows proper management of product across multiple categories. There is no restriction on a number of products to add in the store. Magento provides robust support for product management for multiple product types. Hence, if you are looking to sell a wide range of products, you should immediately opt for this CMS. Also, the admin interface provides liberty to apply group updates, which saves a huge amount of time.

5. Multilingual Support

For business enterprises language was a huge barrier to operating in different parts of the world. But with Magento, a store owner can operate in multiple languages without the requirement for manual effort. Buyers prefer using stores that is available in their local language. Content, images, and banners are converted into a specific language with a few basic steps. In addition, the voice search functionality offers multilingual support as well. Hence, buyers can search and land on their specific products without any hassle.

6. Advanced Tracking

The reporting and analysis capabilities of the Magento help E-commerce companies to track business performance across different domains. The Business Intelligence tool permits flawless report generation for the sales, products available in the inventory, number of card abandons, monthly ROI, and several more. Thanks to the multiple reports, it is possible to analyze the activity of the App with complete statistics.

7. Latest Security

Magento offers a wide array of security standards and regular updates. SSL certificate can be added on the backend as well as the front end for order management. To further upgrade the security of the store a two-step authentication mechanism can be added. All apps are PCI compliant for data privacy and eliminate any malicious activity or fraud. This is an important feature to store customer information and can’t be shared without their knowledge.

8. Flexible Customization

Magento development provides robust customization facilities, through an advanced interface allowing simple editing of HTML / CSS code for complete control over the design and appearance of the store. Multiple stores and a huge number of products can be added without any interruption. In addition to that, Layered browsing feature is also available providing better filtering options. Most exits and card abandon in the online store happens due to difficulty in proper navigation. With fast search features and smooth navigation, the app makes it simple for buyers to find products.

Magento Is E-commerce Future

Magento has numerous features as discussed above and is definitely the future-oriented. Hence, it is beneficial to hire a skilled for your E-commerce app. Here are some more features that suggest Magento is the future for the E-commerce industry:

  • Magento has multi-store functionality having different interface and customization.
  • Includes analytic tools to report the performance of the online store.
  • SEO friendly that helps in the better ranking of the store on search engine result.
  • Acquired by Adobe resulting in the improvement of E-commerce store for the better output.

Store speed and personalized content are some of the crucial factors that make a huge impact on the user experience while using E-commerce app. Hence, selecting a platform like Magento helps to create and manage an online store that decides the success of a business. It is a great choice for businesses having limited resources and budgets.


Magento is an open-source E-commerce platform and has become one of the most recognized platforms. If you are planning to build a mobile E-commerce app, simply hire a Magento professional. Share your list of requirements with them and get the desired solution for your business operation. The store will rank high on search results because of inbuilt SEO features. The eye-catchy design and the app you get with Magento CMS is a perfect experience for the visitors. It is quite difficult to ignore the features it offers to the store owners and buyers.

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