Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. With them, our lives are much easier as we are able to connect with friends, enjoy various entertainment options, and even shop from the comfort of our beds.

As things stand, nearly 60% of web searches are carried out via mobile devices, which indicates that they are, in fact, the most important device, incentivizing businesses to capitalize on the mobile commerce trend.

With this shift, we can expect a change in customer behavior, targeting, on-site marketing, and so much more. And if you are a business seeking to make the most of this trend but find it challenging to do so, we have you covered.

Read on to discover how to create the best website that converts mobile traffic into paying customers.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Making sure your website is optimized for mobile devices is the ultimate key to success. The most important part of this task is to create the perfect layout for your website and make it as responsive as possible. That means that when a user accesses your site on their smartphone or tablet, it automatically adjusts itself to fit their device perfectly.

Businesses have to understand that the desktop experience is vastly different from the mobile one and should take a completely different approach when aiming to convert mobile traffic. All components of your site are compatible with all screen sizes and will ensure the best user experience possible.

Use the Right Promotions

All businesses run promotions on their websites. However, only a select few know how to do it properly when it comes to mobile traffic. For the best possible outcome, you have to ensure that all the promotions you run are mobile-friendly and add points to the overall customer journey rather than taking them away.

This is why you need answers to questions such as, what is an interstitial ad? How can banners help you advertise products without overwhelming prospects? How can you leverage gifs to pique prospects’ interest? And how can all of these ad types help you reach the milestones you outlined at the start of the year?

For instance, interstitial ads are one of the best choices to use in mobile promotions as they have higher user interaction rates than other forms of advertising. They catch the attention of prospects in an instant, and if you get it right, they can help you improve your conversion rate. Think about using both strong CTAs and captivating visuals for your interstitials and provide your prospects with an option to close them easily, giving them the ability to control their customer journey.

Revamp Your Lead Capture Forms

Mobile users often don’t have the time or patience to fill out long and complicated forms, so it’s important to make sure your forms are optimized for them. Keep them as short and easy to complete as possible while also providing social media login options so that users can sign up quickly and easily.

This will create a better user experience, allowing more people to access your services or products with little friction.

Don’t Forget to Optimize the Content as Well

Your content should be readable, clear, easily scrollable, and punchy. If it isn’t, you are likely to lose potential customers because the engagement levels will be low.

Make sure images and other multimedia are optimized as well, as this could help keep customers engaged. Keep it minimal and find the right balance between visual and written content. If you focus on one aspect, it’s easy to overwhelm prospects browsing from their mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing

Troubleshoot Issues

When you aim to reach success, it’s essential to test across different devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. Neglecting this phase can be detrimental to your online success, as no prospect wants to stay on a laggy, unresponsive site and outright impact their mobile device’s performance.

Leverage Mobile Ads

Mobile advertisements are becoming an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy. By leveraging platforms such as Google AdWords and Apple iAds, businesses can reach potential customers when they are searching for companies or products that are related to theirs.

This allows them to present their services in a more targeted way by delivering relevant content based on the interests of their target audience. Additionally, this approach is often much more cost-effective than traditional forms of advertising, as it allows businesses to measure the results and adjust their campaigns accordingly.

Bottom Line

Mobile traffic is becoming increasingly important for businesses. To make the most of this trend, businesses should prioritize optimizing their websites for mobile devices, running the right promotions, leveraging push notifications, and optimizing their content. Doing these things will ensure your website provides customers with an enjoyable experience and is key to driving conversions and increasing ROI.

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