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Till now, we have learned about various hooks in ReactJS. Today it’s the turn of useCallback hook in ReactJS.

React useCallback Hook

The React useCallback Hook returns a memoized callback function. Every callback function should be memoized to prevent the useless re-rendering of child components. This allows us to isolate resource-intensive functions so that they will not automatically run on every render. The useCallback Hook only runs when one of its dependencies updates. This can improve performance.

useCallback and useMemo hook are the same, but the only difference between the two is useMemo returns a memoized value and useCallback returns a memoized function.

Advantages of useCallback Hook in ReactJS:

  • One reason to use useCallback is to prevent a component from re-rendering unless its props have changed.
  • Using useCallback hook appropriately in ReactJS will help to speed up your application.
  • Preventing re-rendering will increase customer bandwidth and thus provide a smooth user experience.
  • Avoiding re-rendering of child components also helps to improve performance.

Example of useCallback  Hook in ReactJS:


Hope you understand the useCallback hook in ReactJS.

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