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In today’s laravel blog, we will learn to create a Vcard, AKA Virtual Card, in Laravel 8.

The jeroendesloovere/vcard package is a PHP library that provides functionality for working with vCards. A vCard, or Virtual Contact File, is a standard file format for electronic business cards and is used to exchange contact information between applications.

Let’s start with the steps to create the Vcard.

Steps to Create the Vcard

Step 1 – Set Up a Laravel 8 Project

Before diving into VCard implementation, make sure you have a Laravel 8 project up and running. You can create a new project using the following command:

composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel vcard-laravel

Navigate to your project directory:

cd vcard-laravel

1. Install vCard Package

You can install the jeroendesloovere/vcard package using Composer. Open your terminal and run the following command:

composer require jeroendesloovere/vcard

2. Create vCard Object

After installing the package, you can create vCard objects to represent your contacts. Here’s an example of creating a vCard object:

3. Save vCard to File

To save the vCard to a file, you can use the following code:

This example saves the vCard in the storage/vcard/ directory. Make sure the directory exists and is writable.

4. Download vCard

To allow users to download the vCard, you can create a route and controller method. Here’s an example:

Now, when users visit the /download-vcard route, the vCard file will be downloaded.

Ending Note

Done and done. You have seamlessly created a vCard in Laravel 8 with these steps. You can now easily create a vCard that enhances your digital presence effortlessly.

Having a vCard not only ensures a professional and efficient means of sharing your details but also adds a modern touch to your networking endeavors.

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