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How are you guys? Today I am going to explain How to Create Custom Form in Magento 2. If you missed checking out our previous blog, How to Manage Customers and Customers Group in Magento 2.


Customer data is very useful for store owners to create a great user experience for their store. Online store owners make every possible effort to collect customer data as user experience is the primary goal of any business. With these data, the store owners can provide a personalized experience to their customers.

Forms are a great way to gather customer information. Default Magento 2 form has limited fields. But one can create a custom form in Magento 2 as per the requirement. With the help of the below code, you can Create Custom Form in Magento 2 Frontend.

Steps to Create Custom Form in Magento 2 Frontend:

Step 1: Update code in file Form.php at app\code\Magecomp\Extension\Block

Step 2: Update code in file Index.php at app\code\Magecomp\Extension\Controller\Form\Index.php

Step 3: Update code in file form.phtml at app\code\Magecomp\Extension\view\frontend\templates\

That’s it. By following the above steps, your custom form will be displayed in the frontend as below image.


Hence, you have successfully created a custom form in Magento 2 as per your requirements. In case of any doubts, let me know in the comment section. Share the article further and stay tuned!

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