Maintaining a large online store cannot be done single-handedly. You need various helping hands in order to manage the store’s backend. Keeping track of all the activities performed by admin users is vital to ensure the smooth functioning of the store.

Magento 2 store owners can be stress-free in monitoring admin users’ activities as Admin Actions Log Extensions can be of great assistance in carrying out the task effortlessly. Let’s check out why Admin Actions Log Extension is useful and some of the Best Magento 2 Admin Actions Log extensions in the market by top-notch Magento Development Companies.

Why do you need Admin Action Log for your Magento 2 store?

Huge online stores have many admin users. Multiple admin users access the Magento backend to carry out different activities. It is vital to keep a watch on all the admin users’ activities to avoid any unwanted changes.

Many times it becomes difficult to track the admin activities. Here is where you need Admin Action Log Extension for Magento 2. Tracking admin activities will help to prevent mistakes and any malicious attacks. 

Quick Overview of Best Magento 2 Admin Actions Log Extensions

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magecomp logoMagento 2 Admin Actions Log Extension$99.00Buy Now
amasty logoAdmin Actions Log for Magento 2$249Buy Now
bsscommerce logoMagento 2 Admin Action Log$149.00Buy Now
magespark logoMagento 2 Admin Action Log$89.00Buy Now
scommerce mage logoMagento 2 Admin Action Log$166.35

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webshop extension logoMagento 2 Admin Action Log$50.11Buy Now
creative minds logoAdmin Logger Extension for Magento 2 | Admin Action Log$149Buy Now

Best Magento 2 Admin Actions Log Extensions

So now that you know, Admin Actions tracking is extremely important, you might be searching for the right Admin Actions Log Extension for Magento 2. Explore the below list to simplify your hunt.

Magento 2 Admin Actions Log Extension by MageComp

magecomp - Admin Actions Log

Magento 2 Admin Actions Log Extension by MageComp allows inspecting all the operations performed on the Magento 2 store admin with the help of a comprehensive log report. The log report also offers the revert ability if any strange activity is found. The admin can clear the log data manually or set it automatically at a specified time interval. Once the log is cleared, the admin receives an email. Tracking the admin actions will help to run the store smoothly and avoid destructive attacks. 

Basic Features:

  • Monitor all the activities performed in the backend.
  • Complete detail of the admin actions and page visit history in the admin actions log report.
  • Keep track of all the login attempts in the Magento 2 backend.
  • Option to choose the desired areas of admin for tracking.
  • The activity log report has the revert button to restore applied changes.
  • Manually or automatically clears the admin action logs data after the specified time period.

Cost: $99.00

Admin Actions Log for Magento 2 by Amasty

amasty - Admin Actions Log

Admin Actions Log for Magento 2 by Amasty helps to enhance store security by protecting your store from malicious attackers and hackers. The extension helps to keep an eye on every activity performed on the Magento 2 admin panel. The admin actions log module allows tracking activities for all or specific admin users. Take complete control of your admin dashboard with the help of Admin Actions Log Extension for Magento 2. Get complete details on who made the changes and who attempted to log in, and watch what activity is happening.

Basic Features:

  • View only necessary logs of admin actions by selecting specific users.
  • Automatically clear logs, login attempts, and page history.
  • Ability to restore the changes made by admin users.
  • View complete details of admin activities in the form of a grid.
  • Geolocation feature detects the login attempt IP address, country, and city.
  • Export the login attempts details in the CSV file easily.

Cost: $249

Magento 2 Admin Action Log by BSSCommerce

Magento 2 Admin Action Log by BSSCommerce helps to monitor each and every step of admin users. Get an admin action log report, track all the changes, and take full authority of the admin panel of your Magento 2 store using the admin action log module. Reduce any vulnerable actions happening to your admin panel. Decrease any setup mistakes produced by admin users. Guard what happens in the store backend using the Admin Action Log Extension.

Basic Features:

  • Record all or specific admin actions automatically.
  • Quickly revert the changes made.
  • Real-time tracking of admin activities.
  • Get email notifications of quantity changes within the website.
  • Automatically clear admin logs after a specified time interval.

Cost: $149.00

Magento 2 Admin Action Log by MageSpark

Magento 2 Admin Action Log by MageSpark helps to strengthen store security by tracking admin activities. The store admin can instantly track changes made from the admin panel, active admin users, failed and successful login attempts, and which products or categories are modified. Protect your store from any suspicious attacks and hackers by integrating the Admin action Log Extension for Magento 2.

Basic Features:

  • Supervise all the activities or actions performed in the store backend.
  • Manage admin user roles by allowing specific users to track the actions.
  • Decide how long the log report stays in the backend and gets clear at the specified time.
  • Option to choose a log report object to view only specific area activities.
  • Take immediate action to restore the wrong changes and eliminate the errors.

Cost: $89.00

Magento 2 Admin Action Log by SCommerce-Mage 

Magento 2 Admin Activity Logger extension by SCommerce Mage will enable tracking of the admin operations and enhance security. The admin actions log extension helps in keeping the record of actions performed by admin users in the store backend. With the help of the admin activity logger extension, the admin can even get insights on the strong and weak points of the staff and can know who needs help for improvement. The module tracks all types of activities and provides the ability to revert any change when required.

Basic Features:

  • Records all the admin actions in a separate grid.
  • Tracks all the login/logout attempts of the admin panel.
  • Complete admin action information in a grid format.
  • Shows the old value and new value of the action performed.
  • Clear logs after regular time intervals to reduce the disk space.

Cost: $166.35 (Excl. VAT)

Magento 2 Admin Action Log by Webshop Extensions 

Magento 2 Admin Action Log by Webshop Extensions provides a detailed report of the admin user activities. It records the IP address and name of the user. The log report shows the changes that a particular admin user made. The store owner can choose which admin area needs to be monitored. The admin action log has the option to set the user roles who are eligible to view the admin logs. It shows thorough details of the actions performed along with the name, IP address, old value, and new value.

Basic Features:

  • Complete transparency of your admin panel by tracking the actions.
  • Enable or disable actions to be monitored based on your requirement.
  • Option to track login attempts and page visit history.
  • Set a number of days to clear the admin log automatically.
  • Set who can see the admin actions logs.

Cost: $50.11

Admin Logger Extension for Magento 2 | Admin Action Log by Cminds

Admin Logger Extension for Magento 2 by Cminds tracks the administrator’s actions executed in the backend. It provides a complete history of the admin actions. The Admin Action Logger Extension allows searching for a particular log using date, admin username, action, value, and more. The Admin Action Log also helps in tracking the performance of the admin users to know what changes they are making and what is the effect of it. Also, protect your Magento 2 store from admin account hacks. 

Basic Features:

  • Backend grid for detailed log report of admin user’s actions.
  • Quickly restore the unwanted changes.
  • Evaluate the performance and efficiency of admin users.
  • Track changes for orders, customer information, or any other settings.
  • Filter the admin action log in looking for the desired report quickly.
  • Manually or automatically delete the action logs to not overload the database.

Cost: $149

Final Words

Magento 2 Admin Actions Log Extension is highly beneficial for store admins to protect their store and track the activities for smooth functioning. So what are you thinking of? You have a list of Best Magento 2 Admin Actions Log Extension in front of you. Choose the one you found is the best fit for your Magento 2 store.

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