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Manage various user template notification settings from the user template option.

Configuration for OTP Confirmation at Registration

User Template OTP registration Setting-1

  • Confirmation – To activate the OTP at Registration functionality for customer registration, choose the YES option.
  • Confirmation Text – One can enter the message they want to deliver to clients for OTP confirmation.
  • DLT Template ID –  Add Approve DLt Template ID.

Configuration for the Registration Success Notification

User Template Registration Notification-2

  • Notification – If you want to send the registration notification to your clients, select Yes.
  • Notification Text – When a consumer has properly registered, they receive a message that will be added here.
  • DLT Template ID – Set the DLT Templated ID that is approved on the DLT Platform.

Settings for OTP confirmation text to change mobile number

User Template OTP Text Setting -3

  • Confirmation – Select yes, and the clients will be able to quickly alter their cellphone number after receiving the OTP.
  • Confirmation Text –  Add the desired message which will be sent when the customers request to change their mobile number.
  • DLT Template ID – Add approved DLT Template ID here.

Settings for OTP confirmation text at checkout

User Template OTP Text Setting At Checkout - 4

  • Confirmation –  Select yes to allow your clients to verify their identities at checkout using OTP verification, which is often dependent on payment methods and customer groups.
  • Confirmation Text – One can add their desired message for OTP confirmation sent to customers during checkout.
  • Payment Methods – Select your preferred payment method for which you want to set OTP verification.
  • Customer Groups –  Select your preferred customer groups for which you want to set OTP verification.

Order Status and Notification Text template settings

User Template Order Status and Notification text settings - 5

  • Order status – Select the Order Status type available from various options. You can select multiple order statuses.
  • DLT Template ID – Set different DLT template IDs as per Notification Text.
  • Notification Text –  Set the customized notification text for your clients as per the selected order status.

Configuration for Contact Notification and Review Reminder

User Template Contact notification and Review Reminder Settings-6

Contact Notification

  • Notification – Select yes if you want to enable Contact Notification settings.
  • Notification Text –  Set the notification Text that you want to send to your clients.
  • DLT Template ID  – Add the approved DLT Template ID approved on the DLT platform.

Review Reminder

  • Review Reminder Type – You can select the review reminder type for customers from here.
  • Review Reminder Frequency – Easily set your desired number of days for sending the review reminder to customers.
  • Email Template – Select the Email template for sending the review reminder to the customer
  • Email Sender – Select the sender of the email from here.

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