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Once the extension is installed successfully, go to Stores > Configuration to configure the extension for use.

General Configuration of SMS Ultimate For Magento 2

Configuration of -SMS Ultimate general -1

  • SMS Ultimate Notification – Enable or Disable SMS Ultimate Notification from here.
  • OTP Type – Select the type of OTP from here.
  • OTP Length – Adjust the OTP length from the drop-down menu.
  • Button Style CLass – Set the Button Style Class by adding multiple CSS classes.
  • Import Phonebook – Upload CSV file for phonebook with name and number field.

Configuration of SMS Gateway

Configuration of SMS Gateway-2

  • SMS Configuration – Enable or Disable SMS Gateway from here.
  • SMS Gateway – Select bulk SMS Gateway from available options.
  • BulkSms Username – Add BulkSms Username detail for SMS Gateway.
  • BulkSms Password – Add BulkSms Password for SMS Gateway.
  • API URL – Add SMS Gateway API URL.

Configuration For Whatsapp Gateway

Configuration of whatsapp-3

  • WhatsApp Configuration – Enable or Disable WhatsApp Gateway from the drop-down.
  • WhatsApp Gateway – Select WhatsApp Gateway from available options.
  • Client ID – Set the client ID for WhatsApp Gateway.
  • Instance ID – Add the Instance ID for WhatsApp Gateway.
  • API URL – Add the API URL for WhatsApp Gateway.

Configuration of Country Flag Settings

Configuration setting for country flag-4

  • Country Flag – Enable or Disable Country Flag Settings from here.
  • Set Country Automatically – Select Yes or No option to set the country automatically.
  • Default SMS Country – Select the country name from the drop-down menu.
  • Min Digits – Set the value of the minimum digit for mobile number validation
  • Max Digits – Set the value of the maximum digits for mobile number validation. 

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