Admin Grid of SMS Ultimate

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Order Confirmation Email Resend

Grid- order Confirmation Email view-1

In the Order View, You can check the information of emails that is not sent to the customers with their account information.

Send Custom SMS for Order

Grid - Send Custom SMS for Order-2

  • Mobile Number – Set the mobile number with country code.
  • DLT Template ID – Add approved DLT Template ID.
  • SMS Text – Set customized SMS Text here.

Backend Options for SMS Ultimate

Grid- back End options for SMS ultimate-3

Different Backend Options are available for SMS Ultimate. From here you can select any options and process further.

Send Bulk SMS via Admin grid

Grid- Send SMS vi Admin Grid- 4

  • Import Numbers Form – You can Import Customer Numbers from the Customer’s Account.
  • Or you can import CSV from configuration and see the phonebook grid menu, that data will be imported here.
  • Mobile Numbers – You can add multiple mobile numbers here.
  • DLT Template ID – Set DLT Template ID from here.
  • SMS Text – Set custom SMS Text here.

Phonebook in the Admin Grid

Grid- phonebook Grid in Admin Grid-5

List of Customer Mobile Number in the admin grid added in the phonebook.

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