Uploading files to Amazon Server

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After installing and configuring this extension, you have to run some commands via SSH to move your existing store image and downloadable files to Amazon S3 Server.

Firstly, open your SSH in Magento root and then you have to navigate to this path to run father commands.

cd magentoroot/shell

Now run these commands to register Amazon S3 bucket with your Magento store.

php s3_config.php \

–access-key-id XXXXXXXX \

–secret-key XXXXXXXX \

–bucket XXXXXXXX \

 –region XXXXXXXX

Now its time to move all your store images to S3 server using below command.

php s3_export.php

And that’s it now you can see that your store images are uploading to amazon server as shown in below image.


Once the upload is completed, you can see all your uploaded images in Amazon S3 server as shown below.


Other Useful Commands:

To enable Amazon S3 Integration in your Magento store…

php s3_enable.php

To disable Amazon S3 Integration in your Magento store…

php s3_disable.php

To import Amazon S3 Images to your Magento store…

php s3_import.php

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