M2 Multivendor Whatsapp Contact Pro

Configuration for Vendor

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Whatsapp Contact Operator:

Using this backend grid, the vendor can manage their Whatsapp operator that they want to display in store frontend.

Whatsapp Contact settings:

  • Whatsapp Contact Pro: Option to enable or disable extension from here.

Add operator:

  • Status: Option to enable or disable Whatsapp operator here.
  • Department Name: Option to set the department name for the operator.
  • Operator Name: Set Whatsapp operator name here.
  • Whatsapp Number: Enter operator Whatsapp Number here.
  • Default Message: Enter Whatsapp message to display in frontend.
  • Image: Option to set the Whatsapp operator profile picture.

When a new seller/vendor registers on the Magento website they are required to enter their Whatsapp Number if the admin has enabled it. Without that, they won’t be able to proceed.

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