M2 Multivendor Whatsapp Contact Pro

Configuration for Admin

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Once you have successfully installed the extension, go to Store Configuration to configure the extension for use.

  • Whatsapp Contact Pro: Option to enable or disable the extension.
  • Enable only in Mobile: Set this as Yes to show Whatsapp contact icon only in Mobile phones.
  • Support Type: Option to enable single or multiple operators.

  • Whatsapp Number: Add your Whatsapp number here.
  • Default Whatsapp Notification and Help Message: Here you can set frontend popup notification title text, help message and default Whatsapp push message for single operator.
  • Operator Image: Upload Whatsapp operator image from here.

Frontend Settings:

  • Button Color: Pick frontend Whatsapp icon background color.
  • Icon Color: Pick frontend Whatsapp icon color.
  • Position: Select the frontend Whatsapp icon position.
  • Bottom Position: Option to set margin for Whatsapp icon in frontend.
  • Button Animation Effect: Select animation for Whatsapp icon.

Set Whatsapp Operators:

You can add multiple Whatsapp operators in the backend grid and also can manage that too.

Edit Whatsapp Operator:

  • Status: Option to enable or disable Whatsapp operator.
  • Department Name: Option to set the department name for the operator.
  • Operator Name: Set Whatsapp operator name.
  • Whatsapp Number: Enter operator Whatsapp number.
  • Default Message: Enter Whatsapp message to display in the frontend.
  • Image: Option to set the Whatsapp operator profile picture.

Whatsapp icon of admin Whatsapp operator in the frontend.

Whatsapp icon of Multiple Whatsapp operators in the frontend.


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