Date & Time Settings

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  • Exclude Delivery Days: Select weekdays to exclude from delivery.
  • Delivery Hours From and To: Set delivery time span in 24 hours format.
  • Same Day Delivery: Enable to allow same-day delivery.
  • Minimal Delivery Interval: Set intervals in days to start delivery days from.


  • Exclude Dynamic Holidays from Delivery: Enter various dynamic holiday dates to exclude from delivery.
  • Date Range to Exclude from Delivery: Enable to exclude specific dates range from delivery.
  • From and To date: Select date range to exclude from delivery.
  • Delivery Date for Customer Groups: Enable to show the delivery date option for specific customer groups.
  • Customer Groups: Select customer groups to enable a delivery date.
  • Display on: Select options to display delivery info on.
  • Print In: Select options to show delivery information in printable documents.
  • Send In: Select options to send delivery information in various Emails.

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