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Once you have successfully installed the extension, go to System → Configuration → Sales → Shipping Methods to configure the extension for use. Here you can find various settings for shipping method.

  • Enabled: Set Yes to enable Store Pickup extension.
  • Allowed Methods: Select methods to allow and show on frontend.
  • Title: Enter title to show in frontend.
  • Ship to Applicable Countries: Select countries to apply shipping method.
  • Price Calculation Type: Select option to calculate price.

  • Store 1 Title: Enter store name of store 1.
  • Store 1 Price: Enter shipping price for store 1.
  • Store 1 Address: Enter address of the store 1.
  • Displayed Error Message: Enter error message for shipping unavailability.
  • Sort Order: Enter sort order of the shipping method to show on frontend.

Here you can add upto 15 stores to allow pickup to customers.

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