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As of now, Shoppable Instagram feature is available to some eligible countries and some Managed Partners only. If you belong to any of these eligible countries, you can enroll for this shoppable Instagram feature. But there are some criteria that you need to follow before get the eligible shoppable Instagram feature.

How it works?

Once you install the Magento Shoppable Facebook & Catalog Sync Extension inside your Magento store, you have to configure the extension by going through the simple setup wizard.

After that the extension will automatically sync all your Magento store products with Facebook Catalog Manager and brings all your store products to Facebook Shop. Because Instagram doesn’t have its own Product Catalog Manager it will fetch products from the Facebook Catalog Manager and allows you to tag your store products in image.

For tagging product, simply go through normal image or story posting and in final review part just one step before publishing you will find an option to tag products and if you can’t find such option then you have not been approved yet.

Things to Keep in Mind…

  • You can tag maximum of 5 products to single post or story.
  • For multiple image carousel post, you can tag up to 20 products.
  • You cannot tag products to boomerangs, videos, or animated gifs.

Eligible Criteria:

  • Make sure you have the latest Instagram app.
  • You have an Instagram Business account.
  • You are the admin on Facebook Page or Instagram account.
  • You must have a product catalog associated with a shop on Facebook.
  • We recommended you to Setup our Shoppable Instagram Extension that will automatically sync your shop catalog with Facebook catalog.
  • You must sell eligible physical goods, meaning no services.

After completing the above steps, Instagram will automatically review the account for feature
accessibility. There is no predefined time limit for review timing it may be short as one day or as
long as a few months. But you will get notified where your account is ready for shoppable
Instagram Feature.

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