Configuration Goal – Grow Your Mailing List

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This goal helps highlighting your social accounts and encourage them to connect with your store through social media.

Notification Bar: Option to enable or disable the extension.
Notification Goal: Select Notification goal from the drop down.
Bar Size: Select notification bar size as per your need.
Bar Position: Set position of the notification bar in frontend.
Bar Transition Effect: Select transition effect for the first-time load of the notification bar.
Display in Mobile: Set Yes to enable notification bar in mobile phones as well.
Close Button: Enable to allow users close the notification bar.
Notification Text: Add notification text based on your chosen goal.
Text Color: Select notification text color.
Background Color: Set notification bar background color.
Newsletter Button Text: Set button text for newsletter.
Newsletter Button Background Color: Set background color for newsletter button.
Newsletter Button Text Color: Set newsletter button text color.

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