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Once the extension is installed successfully, go to Stores>Configuration to configure the extension for use.


Enable: Enable or Disable the extension from here. Set it as enabled to use the features of the extension.

Title: Admin can add their desired title in this section to display the shipping method option on the frontend of the store.

Ship to Applicable Countries: Admin have to enable this option to the countries to utilize the store pickup feature option in shipping method.

Ship to Specific Countries: Admin can choose the countries to allow the utilization of the Magento 2 Store Pickup extension.


Price Calculation Type: Admin can choose the price calculation type as per their desire from fixed and percentage options for store pickup.

Add Stores Method: In this section admin can add multiple stores, addresses and prices for multiple store pickup options.

Displayed Error Message: Admin will have to enter a customized message as per the need to display on the frontend if the store pickup option is not available.

Sort Order: Admin can easily set sorting order for store pickup from this section.

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