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If you don’t want all SMS addons to be installed, you can go for any one SMS addon installation.

For example,


  • SMS Addons are already added to our standard extension package.
  • One SMS Addon is required to get a dropdown in SMS API configuration.

1. Configuration


SMS Notification: Enable the extension to apply in your store.

2. SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway: For selecting your desired SMS gateway group.
Msg91 Sender ID: For adding and setting up the sender ID.
Msg91 Authentication Key: Add the key of authentication here.
Route: Select your desired SMS route to send from here.
API URL: For adding the API URL of your SMS service provider.

SMS Gateway Providers


3. General Configuration

general configuration

OTP Type: For setting your desired OTP type from here.
OTP Length: For setting your desired OTP length from here.
Button Style Class: For adding the multiple CSS class for the button style accordingly.
Import Phonebook: Easily import your phonebook by uploading the CSV file with the name and Mobile number fields.

3. Country Flag Settings

Country Flag Settings

Country Flag: Select YES option to enable the Country Flag feature.
Set Country Automatically: For automatically setting the country flag based on the IP address.
Country Digit: Set the validation for allowed mobile number digits based on country.

Default Country settings

Note: To set the Default SMS Country, the “Set Country Automatically” field must be set to No.

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