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Once you have successfully installed the extension, go to Size Chart -> Configuration to configure the extension for use. Here you can find various settings for the extension.


  • Enable: Option to enable or disable Size Chart extension.
  • Restrict Size Chart for Specific Customer Group: Select customer groups to restrict display of size chart for them.
  • Set Size Chart: Here you get WYSIWYG editor to set size chart for products to show on frontend. You can set image, CMS block, table or any HTML code to display size chart.


Show Size Chart in: Select option to show size chart either in product content or in a responsive popup in frontend.

Show Size Chart on Click of: Set clickable element on frontend for customers to open size chart in popup.

Button Text: If you have selected “Button” in “Show Size Chart on Click of”, you can set button text to show on frontend.

Icon: If you have selected “Icon” or “Icon + Text” in “Show Size Chart on Click of”, you need to set icon image here.

Icon Text: Set icon text to show along with icon image if you have set “Icon + Text” in “Show Size Chart on Click of”.

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