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Once the extension is installed successfully, go to Stores>Configuration to configure the extension for use.


Price Calculator: Enable or Disable the extension from here. Set it as enabled to use the features of the extension.

Product price is sqft/m2 price?: Enable this field to calculate product price as sqft/m2.

Enable new look for tier prices?: To enable a new look for tier prices, set “Yes”.

Flooring Unit: The admin can set the different units for flooring like sqft, yard, m2.

Wastage: Specify the percentage of wastage in this field.



Enable flooring price on product listing page?: To display flooring price on the product listing page, set “Yes”.

Display Your price in product page: To display the flooring price on the product page, set “Yes”.

Enable sample option: To provide a sample of a product, set it to “Yes”.

Sample Price: Keep it empty to provide the sample for free. Or else mention the price of the sample.

Sample Weight: Mention the weight of the sample.



Flooring Settings

Is Flooring Product?: Enable or disable flooring option for the product.

Coverage: Set the area of coverage in this field.

Product Price Type: Set the type of product price as sqft m2 or box/package.

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