M2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping


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Once you have successfully installed the extension, go to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping Methods to configure the extension for use. Here you can find various settings for the Flat rate shipping.


  • Enabled: Set Yes to enable multiple flat rate shipping extension.
  • Method Name: Enter the method name.
  • Title: Enter the title to show in frontend.
  • Price: Enter the price for this method.
  • Calculate Handling Fee: Option to calculate handling fee either fixed or in percentage.
  • Handling Fee: Enter the fee amount.
  • Type: Select the fee application type.
  • Ship to Applicable Countries: Select countries to apply the shipping method.


  • Displayed Error Message: Enter error message to display in the frontend.
  • Maximum Order Amount For Free Shipping: Enter the maximum order amount to allow free shipping.
  • Minimum Order Amount For Free Shipping: Enter the minimum order amount to allow free shipping.
  • Add Instructions in HTML Code: Enter text to add instructions or notes along with the shipping method. This will show up to customers in frontend.


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