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Now select “Default Config” in store view to configure the extension under the hood of shipping methods.


  • Enabled: Select YES to enable Matrix Rates payment method.
  • Title: Enter title for Matrix Rates shipping method to show on frontend.
  • Condition: Select condition to apply matrix rates.
  • Use Numeric Zipcode Ranges: Select Yes to use numeric zipcodes for matrix rates.
  • Free Shipping Promotions: Enable to allow application of free shipping promotions on matrix rates.
  • Only Display Free Shipping: Set YES if you want to show free shipping if available and hide other shipping.
  • Free Shipping Display Text: Set text to show free shipping on frontend.
  • Minimum Order Amount for Free Shipping: Set minimum order amount to apply free shipping on orders.


  • Includes Free Shipping Items in Rate Calculation: Select YES to include free shipping items in rate calculation.
  • Include Virtual Products in Rate Calculation: Set YES to include virtual products in rate calculation.
  • Calculate Handling Fee: Select type to calculate handling fee in.
  • Handling Fee: Enter handling fee to apply with matrix rates.
  • Ship to Applicable Countries: Select countries to apply matrix rates on.
  • Displayed Error Message: Enter error message to show in frontend.
  • Sort Order: Enter sort order to show shipping method in frontend.

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