M2 Edge Express payment Gateway


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Once you have successfully installed the extension, go to Store > Configuration to configure the extension for use.

  • Enabled: Option to enable or disable extension.
  • Title: Set title to display in store frontend.
  • Merchant ID: Enter merchant ID provided by Edge Express to accept payment in Kwanzas.
  • Terminal ID: Enter terminal ID provided to you.
  • Authentication Key: Enter your Edge Express authentication key here.
  • Staging/Test Mode: Enable or disable debugging mode if needed.
  • New Order Status: Using this option, you can assign order status to new order.
  • Payment from Applicable Countries: Make a choice that you want to accept payment from all countries or specific countries.
  • Payment from Specific Countries: If you have enabled Edge Express Extension for specific countries, kindly select countries for which you want to enable Edge Express.
  • Sort Order: You can assign sort order to display Edge Express on the top of all Payment methods.


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