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If you don’t want all SMS addons to be installed, you can go for any one SMS addon installation.

For example,


  • SMS Addons are already added to our standard extension package.
  • One SMS Addon is required to get a dropdown in SMS API configuration.

Once the extension is installed successfully, go to Stores>Configuration to configure the extension for use.



Abandoned Cart Notification: Enable or Disable the extension from here. Set it as enabled to use the features of the extension.

Select Customers Groups: Admin will need to select the customer groups from here.


Notification Type: Admin can select the type of notification as per their requirement.


1. SMS Gateway Configuration:

SMS Gateway Configuration

SMS Gateway: Admin will need to select the gateway type from here.

Sender ID: Admin can select the sender id from here.

Authentication Key: Add the authentication key from here.

API URL: Admin will need to add the URL provided by SMS gateway.


2. WhatsApp Configuration:

WhatsApp Configuration

Note: For using Twilio you will need to run the Twilio/SDK from CLI.

Twilio Account SID: Admin will need to add the Twilio account SID here.

Twilio Auth token: Admin will need to add the Auth Token given by Twilio.

Twilio Mobile Number: Add the phone number here which you purchased from Twilio


3. Email Configuration:

abandoned cart email configuration

Email Sender: Select the sender which will display in the sent mail to the customer.

Email Template: Select the email template from here.

SMS Text: Add the text as per your desire to send along with the notification via SMS.

WhatsApp Text: Add the text as per your desire to send along with the notification via WhatsApp.

Coupon Code: Add the discount coupon code you wish to send to your customers.

Time in Minutes: Set the time in minutes for which you need to resend the notification emails to your customers.


4. Popup on Cart:


Popup Title: Add an attractive title as per your desire.

Popup Button Text: Add the button text in this field.

Popup Success Message: Add message which will be displayed after customer sends response.


5. Short URL Sharing Settings:

bitly configuration

Bitly Short URLs: Admin will need to set enable from here.

Bitly Login Name: Add the name as per your desire.

Bitly API Key: Add the API key here which is provided by the bitly.

Bitly Domain: Add the domain for a short URL.

Bitly Group: Add the group name of the short URL.

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