Magento SMS Notification

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Magento SMS Notification extension helps notifying your customers with various order status activities through SMS.

Regular Price: $99.00

Special Price $75.00

Magento 1
Magento 2
Magento CE 1.5.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x

Regular Price: $99.00

Special Price $75.00


SMS is considered one of the most preferred way to enable notification, obviously it increases level of customer service and improves shopping experience. Research shows that SMSs have greater open rate and read rate than emails and thus considered most powerful tool to enable notifications. Being aware about the benefits of SMS in Ecommerce, enabling and using this functionality in Magento is requirement of almost every store owner.

Why SMS?

  • Research shows SMS are the best way for the efficient transmission of information.
  • Customer will be notified quickly, no need to worry about the internet access.
  • Emails can be considered as a SPAM but not SMS.
  • SMS have more read rate then email always.

Magento SMS Notification extension by MageComp provides a comprehensive and powerful way to send SMSs to your customers or administrators during various order events performed in Magento store. Right now the extension is compatible with SMS Country and Msg91 Gateways, you can ask for your SMS gateway integration.

Let your customers know about their order status change or delivery just shipped and get notified for each new order activity.

Why choose MageComp's Magento SMS Notification Extension:

  • Send notification text messages to customers during various events in your Magento store.
    • Website registration
    • Order placement
    • Order cancellation
    • Order Shipment
    • You can ask for more…
  • Select OTP* type either numeric or alpha numeric as per your requirement.
  • Option for admin to set OTP length from backend.
  • Suitable for Order Verification. Sends One Time Password at the time of Registration to verify in My Account Section.
  • Admin can set mobile verificiation mandatory for customers.
  • Option to style button like theme by specifying CSS class from the backend.
  • Select country flag white adding mobile number to auto select country code.
  • You can add custom message as SMS text for all events, and can use variable fields.
  • Set character length and language for SMS.
  • Test settings to check the functionality before sending SMS.
  • Backend guide to use custom variables in OTP message.
  • Admin can get registered customer counts in report based on set days, weeks or month.
  • Allow customers to resend OTP requests.
  • You can add role and allow other user accounts to configure it like
  • Send SMS to admin on events like contact form submission for inquiry, website registration, new order placement, return request for orders, order shipment.
  • Supports custom variables to include dynamic store & customer information in OTP message send via an extension.
  • Be notified with SMS about new orders
  • Fast set-up: download, install and send SMS


Compatibility with SMS Service Provider

Right now we have integrated following SMS gateways, Ask Us for your preferred SMS gateway integration and seamlessly send SMS notifications to your Magento store customers.

Integrated SMS Gateway API List
Amazon SNS Msg91 KAP System
BulkSMS Thinkbuyget Taobao
Bhashsms Textlocal SMS Gupshup
Solution Infini QyaDat Africas Talking
SMSGlobal GlobalSMS sms.sss
Twilio SMSGatewayhub Broadnet
Trumpia 2Factor Unifonic
Plivo vfirst Smsindiahub
Web2SMS SMSCountry
Telenor(Pakistan) dialmenow Infobip
eSMS Moplet
CheapSMS Dove-soft Variforrmsolution
MobiLogi Web2smslocal MobiLink
Lutex Kaleyra SMSmidlet (Mage-SMS)
Envoyersmspro 4jawaly

Not all the APIs are integrated in one package. Please Note We can provide one API integration for FREE from above table (Apart from default ones in extension) with our Extension. If you need more then one API integration packages apart from default ones, we may charge you extra for it

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Amazing Module
Review by Callum Davidson
I've purchased this extension and have integrated it with my Magento store. Its outstanding feature of providing immediate order status notifications to my customers has helped me retain my existing customers. Worth each penny investing on it.
Keep up the good work
Review by Norberg Philip
Well done team for the quality product! The post-purchase services are above my expectations. I need want to integrate one more API which is not integrated by default and they did it in a really short period. Awesome job magicians.
Useful Extension
Review by Sandra Sundberg
The best part of this extension is it enables you to configure SMS notification services for various order status activities to acknowledge shoppers through SMS as per need. What else needed?
Instant notification provider
Review by Narin Holm
Every online store owner must use this extension! The extension helps in notifying the customer's about their order status by SMS. It will redeem the trust of your customers towards your store.
Really Helpful Feature
Review by J. Stevens
Some of my regular customers are very happy after integrating this feature of SMS notification because they quickly get notified for each order updates directly to their mobile.
Fell in love with this extension
Review by Graham Sherman
I have recently purchased this extension from MageComp and it works really well within my magento store.
Must-Have Module
Review by Gabriel peters
I fall in love with this extension, it allows me to notify my customers about every store updates quickly without any issue. Support is also great in need.
More Functionality
Review by Marco Brock
I have reviewed several similar extensions but I found this one helpful because it supports various SMS gateway as well as it offers more functionality compared to other extensions.
Happy with it
Review by Gyana Ranjan
I got the extension with a friendly budget.
Easy Quick Notification
Review by alsop
I am using a Customized extension with bulk SMS it works so easily to notify the customer about order status quickly. very happy after purchasing this extension.
Really best Choice
Review by Abeer
Really sms notification best Choice , they not just add it and help me many time
thanks for your service
best extension + customization
Review by m. tew
I bought this extension with customization as i had already purchased SMSs for directsms provider. They did it so well and everything works as described. highly appreciate and well developed idea.
Improves user experience and trust
Review by Austin Rembert
My store offers designer pieces of jewelry and thus users are much exited to get the products after order. Sms notification made it easy to notify them for each order activity and thus builds trust with them. Must buy extension to improve ux.
instant notification for order events
Review by Alfred Grunwald
I bought sms notification integrated with twilio gateway. All users are happily responded with the positive feedback for instant notifications sent through text message. I very much appreciate the development by magecomp.
best notification extension
Review by mike munsch
sms notification by magecomp is the best of all available in the market. i have setup it to work with twilio and it's just working as described.
Wonderful development
Review by Jesse Orozco
sending text messages for order actions is just a wonderful idea to make customers informed regularly. Wonderful development keeping each single requirement in mind. Well done team.
Makes customers informed
Review by Jackie
I asked sms notification extension to integrate with msg91 gateway. It just helped me to inform customers about every single order activity. More informed customers, more trust. Found it to be most helpful, thanks magecomp.
Improves user experience
Review by Padilla
SMS notification by magecomp proves to be best to notify my customers about each and every order process. My chat support has been reduced and customers are getting best user experience. Highly recommended !!
Superb module to reach customers
Review by frank nelson
From very long I was in hunt for such module to notify customers about each and every event of their purchase. SMS notifications proves to be best in each aspect from easy setup to smooth functionality, it helped me to build a bond with my customers. Thanks a tons magecomp.
Makes customers informed
Review by gloria
Sms notification helps updating customers right from the order placement to cancellation. I really love the delivery date feature so that they don’t miss a single delivery. Most feature rich extension around the magento world. Thumbs up!
Works beyond expectations
Review by pedro r. cheek
Easy to setup and configure and works out of the box. Before installation, I was unaware of these many notifications it provides, got really great response from my customers. Loved the extension and support as well.
Using in multishops, works awesome
Review by Tina carrera
Overwhelmed with the extension and support. I have 7 multishops and using in all of them. Works without any issues, highly recommended to others.
Perfect notification module
Review by Robert Coles
Easy to install and perfect to send notifications to customers for various events. I’m using it since 4 months and it works like a charm. Thank you magecomp for this notification module.
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Version 2.0.3 Date : 26-03-2018

- Now supports for Alpha numerics character as OTP string.

- Added Shipping & Trakcing variable support.

- Backend guide to use the custom variables in OTP message.

- Frontend Pop-up UI Improvements.

- Option to add style class for Button.

- Minor bug fixing.

Version 2.0.2 Date : 03-10-2017

- Added Country flags to auto set country code for mobile numbers.

Version : 2.0.1 Date : 05-09-2017

- Send OTP option at checkout.