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Magento Manage Bulk Products by MageComp helps you to reduce your store management time which admin need to spent on managing products, relating products, assigning categories, attribute set, up sell, cross sell, etc. You can easily use the extension to bulk assign or any kind of bulk actions on products
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Compatibility: Magento CE 1.5.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x


Magento is a great ecommerce platform, and it has awesome products Product management feature. But sometimes updating products can be time-consuming, when you have 10k, 20k, 50k or more Products. Magento Manage Bulk Products by MageComp is perfectly designed and optimized to speed up the products' editing process greatly. Product attributes, assigning categories, mass price update and lot of other things are edited inline directly on the product grid.

Convert your default products grid into more convenient, AJAX-driven interface where you can apply changes directly in the table easily. You have flexibility to display the columns you want. You will be able to even reorder the columns by just drag and drop.From the all features one of the awesome feature is, this extension remembers the last grid state for each admin user, so whenever user login, he will get the status where he left.

We have added 2 inline editing modes - one ajax call per cell change, and one ajax call for all grid changes together. The second method is useful if you apply many changes to different products together. Easily edit the images directly, preview any products from, edit stock status and inventory from the product grid itself. The extension support multi store set ups.

Attribute assigning in bulk is feature that lot of our customers were looking, we have added this feature and now they feel very relaxed. Easy and very flexible configuration. If you think, you don’t want to use any feature, simply turn it off and enjoy the product management according to your expectation.

Why choose MageComp's Magento Manage Bulk Products Extension:

 ‘Update price’ and ‘Special price’ in bulk


Update Price option, quickly and easily change the prices, either you want to increase or decrease in bulk, you will have option to change it in percentage or flat rate for both price and special prices.


'Modify Price Using USA TCE and 'Modify special price using USA TCE'

These options are just a real boon for business owners who wants to update the price using USA TCE. No more hassle work, it can all be done in a couple of clicks!


Price rounding

Price rounding is also a great feature of this extension, when you want to display only round price and not like 5.11 or 6.33. You will be able to round the price in the form of .50 , .99 or .00

Use this option and show the perfect price.

Mass category assignments

‘Assign categories’ in bulk


This one enables you to mass assign products to different categories. Now you will be able to sort all the products with one of the best parameters.


‘Relate’, ‘Up-Sell’ and ‘Cross-Sell’ actions



Assigning related, upsell or cross sells products never been this much easy. Assign related, up sell or cross sell products in bulk easily.


 ‘Copy custom options’ action


If you need to add a custom option to a large number of positions, go for it. Edit just one product, use this action, and Magento will take care of the rest.

‘Copy Custom options’

Easily copy the custom options for other product.

‘Copy Attributes’

Copy attribute values and extend them from one product on a group of positions. Its different from the default so give it a try.

‘Copy images’

Now you can copy images, as well as image info (base image, thumbnail, etc.) from one product to as many of them. Please note, that current product images will not emptied or deleted while copying.

‘Change the Attribute Set’ action


In default Magento. If you want to change the attribute set of any product, you may need to recreate that product with different attribute set, but now with this extension, you will not need to recreate, you will just be able to change the attribute set directly from here.

‘Remove Images and categories’

Enables you to remove images for any number of products in just a few clicks. Remove multiple products from any category

Product grid flexibility to show option

Display only those actions which you need on the product grid.

Customer Reviews

Simple managing products in bulk
Review by M. Faulk
Very useful while managing bulk updation of numerous products. Really happy to buy this extension from magecomp.
top notch extension and support
Review by m. olson
Top notch extension to manage numerous products at once. I was having some misunderstanding regarding the installation and magecomp provided me with quick support.
Awesome functionality
Review by david cerrone
I have setup a formula for product pricing depending upon base price. The outcome sometimes ends up odd price such as 156.33, 254.15 etc. with the use of this extension, I can round up the prices easily. Gaurav helped me with the quick tips to learn using the module. Now, it can be easily managed by any of our team member.
Better than my expectations
Review by shirley
After installation, I surprisingly found some very helpful features I had not noticed before purchase. Apart from assigning bulk pricing, I use it to update related, upsell or cross sells products. You have always served with some EXTRA. Worth money spent on. Thanks a lot magecomp.
Love this module
Review by Jason B. Bonner
I have never imagined that managing bulk products is as easy as pie. I use it to assign prices, attributes, categories and custom options in bulk. Dhiren helped me with some handy tips to do it without having any special knowledge of magento. Overwhelmed indeed with this useful tool.
Module with remarkable features
Review by Debra v.
The extension installation has made managing my online store easier than ever. I enjoy categorizing bulk products with this module. You guyz put out the best. Thanks a ton.
Feeling relaxed using this module
Review by Clifford mayo
I’m selling gold and silver jewelry in my store. The price of the jewelry needs regular update based on the market price. I was doing it manually until now, but after installing bulk products, it saved my tons of time updating the price of 4k products at a time. Hats off magecomp for this feature rich tool.
Worked like a dream
Review by MARIA
Beautiful extension - really a must have for everyone using Magento. Worked like a dream, installation simple and perfect.
Perfect for managing catalog
Review by Steven Reynolds
I wouldn't be able say about how much time this extension has saved for us. With over 5000+ products and over 178 categories you can imagine how long it takes to do everything from product relations to mass price updates. It worked perfectly along side with a product custom grid extension. Extremely happy with this product! Magecomp only puts out the best!
Very happy with the funtionality
Review by Marta Henry
Very happy with the functionality and ease of use. We found its easy to make some minor changes, and when we had a feature request we got very fast support from magecomp, replied me with solution within a couple of hours. Highly recommended.
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Version : 1.1.0 Date : 05-11-2015

- Compatible with SUPEE 6788