Z-Credit Integration

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Now offer Z-Credit Payment method to your customers who are willing to pay with. Use Z-Credit integration extension by MageComp and enjoy risk free and secure Payment method.
Magento CE 1.5.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x


It is simple fact that as much convenience you will provide to your customers, sales graph will increase in the same manner. Apart from all other things for increasing customer experience why should not, it can be payment method.

Now offer Z-Credit payment method to your fellow customers who are willing to pay with it, Payment method you are offering is also one of the trust factor to process the transaction from your website. Z-Credit payment method is widely used in Israel and very trusted payment methods for them, not only trusted but user convenient as well.

Z-credit is a service assured credit card payment method that works in sync with Checks. Due to its reputation as a payment gateway with low bounce rate and secure transaction, it has gained quite good momentum in past years. As said it is very famous payment gateway in Israel and used worldwide. All the customers have to do is have a z-credit card and your transaction will be done within minutes.

Lot of customers are often asking us about PCI compliance, we also know how much it is important for you to get the PCI compliance. We are not sure about your business is PCI-Compliant or not, but we make sure that our extension will not be an obstacle to make your business PCI-Compliant. Our extension don’t log any confidential details like credit card details or passwords or any related stuff on the Magento website which can prevent you for being PCI-Compliant.

Magento Z-Credit Integration extension is very feature rich, we have added 3 types of checkout for you

1. Direct payment :

This method will allow you to add Z-Credit payment method selection at checkout asking credit card information. Once customer enters his credit card details, the transaction will be done on very secure tunnel with Z-Credit payment gateway. If payment is captured successfully by the payment gateway from the credit card, it will show the order success page of Magento.

Z-Credit Payment Method at Checkout Page

2. iFrame direct payment

iFrame direct payment

This method is little different from above, once customer select the Z-Credit payment method at checkout page and clicks on Continue button, one popup will open, where it will ask for the credit card details or payment related stuff to process the transaction. Customer will not be redirected to any other website and will not take much time, this way you can save the time of user. After capturing the payment (if entered correct details), he will get order success page instantly.

3. Redirect payment method

This method will help your customer to choose Z-Credit payment method on checkout page. Once selected and clicked on place order they will be redirected to Z-Credit website for the further transaction. IF all go well with the transaction (if captured successful) user will be redirected to merchant website with order success page. Extension will send all the order information with secure tunnel to the payment gateway for the further transaction.

Redirect payment method

Why choose MageComp's Z-Credit Integration Extension for Magento:

• 3 methods to choose from

• Direct Payments
• iFrame Direct Payments
• Redirect Payment Method

• Pay by credit card
• Free and easy to install extension available through Magento Connect
• Authorize or Authorize and Capture
• Sending line items with transactions
• Reduce PCI compliance scope with our PCI-compliant value, including client-side encryption and transparent redirect
• A very Popular Payment gateway in Israel
• No single-transaction limits
• Magento SOAP API support (V1 and V2)
• Multi-store support: Use different Z-Credit accounts for each website
• Simple, transparent pricing
• 100% Open source code

Excellent Product
Review by Bertram Madsen
Overall this product if fantastic.The product supports the Z-Credit payment method which is a required feature for my store as many of my customers prefer this payment mode with Friendly UI.
Definitely recommended
Review by Alfred Joey
It works well, easy and does pretty much everything that it says on the box. When I have experienced some technical issues, the team has fixed them immediately with no extra charge.
Great job team.
Easy and fast pay
Review by Gustav L.
It is a customizable extension for us and the extension really helped us in making payment processes convenient and faster.
Must have for secure payments
Review by Anne Bertelsen
Z-Credit is not a popular payment method and some of my customers suggested me to install this payment method in my Magento store. So I searched for this extension and came up with a solution of Z-Credit integration by MageComp and it helped me to accept payment in a secure way.
Lovely Development
Review by Darlene Gould
This extension is really helpful for accepting payment via Z-credit gateway. Very helpful extension. Well coded :)
Easy to use
Review by Milton morales
This extension works well and we had no issues whatsoever. Really good extension to capture secure payment.
Amazing Z-Credit Integration
Review by Roth
Some of my the customers have requested me to integrate this feature of z-credit gateway for their flexibility and integrating this extension I have received very good response from them.
Great work Magecomp.
Easy & Secure gateway
Review by Hilary bright
Some of my customers requested to implement z-credit functionality in store and on the basis of that I have used this extension to add a z-credit payment method, it works fine without any issue. really happy after installing this module.
Lesser known payment gateway, still nice development
Review by Bryant
Z-credit is not widely used so it was really strange for me for finding this extension. Works well, has enough options to setup. I really would like people know about this extension and use for payments.
Highly recommended
Review by dwdonline
Z-Credit is my first choice for clients. Not only is the company easy to work with, but the extension installs without issue. I have it running on more than 50 sites right now without any issues, Looking forward for Z-Credit token payment method as well.
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Version : 1.1.0 Date : 05-11-2015

- Compatible with SUPEE 6788