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Equip your store with a Refund Request system with Magento Refund Request Extension. Provide your customers with easy and advanced Refund Request opportunities and enhance their shopping experience.
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Bringing new customers and convert them is the most challenging and expensive task now a days. All the online store owners have core focus on improving shopping experience of customers in order to inspire them making purchases.

Accepting Refund Request is necessary component for a great customer service. Customers are tend to buy from the store which offers a flexible Refund Policy. Your loyal and potential customers expect this kind of service and highly appreciates it. Therefore, this process should definitely be easy to manage.

Refund Request system is one of the most important factor for the better shopping experience for your customers. With Magento Refund Request extension by MageComp now your customer will be able to request for refund right from his account dashboard. With just one click, he can submit the refund request to the admin for the particular order.

Admin can see all the refund requests from the admin panel in one grid only with all the information of the customer like order id, email id, customer’s name, refund id and status. If admin has already refunded to the customer, he can select the status as “Completed” so he can track every refund request right from the same grid.

Why choose MageComp's Magento Refund Request extension:

Configure Refund Days

Every online store has its own refund policy, with this extension now you will be able to set the days for refund in which customer can request for the refund. Let say you have refund days of 15 days from the purchase, so customer will be able to request for the refund in those 15 days only, after 15 days button will automatically disabled and he won’t be able to send the request.


Configure Admin email id

Extension allows you to configure your email id to receive the refund request on. You will get refund request email on that email id. So let’s say if you have different email id to manage the refund request like you can manage all the emails there.

Customizable Email Template

It is very easy to customize the email template as per your imagination. You can go to System > Transactional Emails > Select Refund admin template > Edit and save it.


Improve customers’ experience

To increase visitors’ satisfaction you should offer them an easy and clear way of making Refund Request.

  • Customer can create request from his Account section
  • One click and request will be sent. 


No Product Type Limitation

It doesn’t matter what type of products you are selling on your online store, customer will be able to send the refund request to you by just one click.


Effectively manage Refund requests

Magento Refund Request helps track queries history and process all incoming queries timely. Request Management grid in backend allows you find and process requests based on status. Thus extension helps managing customers return requests and retail clients by building trust.


Provide customers with more reasons to stay

Online store should run in such a smoother way that provide customers reasons to stay. If your refund system lacks to be friendly enough for customers to easily use, there are chances you may lose numbers of customers.

Magento Refund Request extension easily provides you with an efficient Refund process to bring additional points to your customer service to make it appreciable by them.

Review by Jeff T. Constance
This extension is really helpful to me and I gained many customers just by having this extension.
Review by Marisa D. Boyce
Very essential extension for any ecommerce store. Good extension and service by Magecomp.
Important Extension
Review by Kimberly J.
I have just started an ecommerce website,and having this extension in my store was important for me to win trust of customers. Highly recommendable
Happy Customer
Review by Elias Jonsson
I liked the extension a lot and its concept of defining days and hiding button concept.
Really specific
Review by Pauline Bergqvist
The extension allows you to set the days for the refund as per your store policy in which the customers can request for a refund, and after specified days the refund request button will be disabled automatically. This feature has saved a tremendous amount our time.
Great development
Review by Kim Cảnh
The extension has provided us with a system where we can efficiently manage all the refund requests from our potential customers and give them excellent customer service.
Simply Awesome
Review by Royce
This extension is really helpful to make refund process lot easier for customers.
Lovely development
Review by Maddison
After integrating this extension, I got so many positive feedback from my store customer loves this functionality. Thanks, Magecomp for making it.
One Click Refund
Review by Kristina R.
After implementing this extension, My customers are really happy by getting one click refund request. Code quality and Support is also Great.
Excellent refund module
Review by Aisha Freeman
I have put a lot of efforts to find easy refund request for my customers and after using this extension for a month, I found that this extension did very good job upon my expectations.
Really overwhelmed with the extension and support.
Quick refund process
Review by Noel Stephenson
Previously we are mostly getting refund request through email or contact but after installing this extension it saves lots of time in the processing of a request. it's really helpful extension for processing refund request.
perfect refund tracking and management
Review by Michael charlebois
refund request extension has the perfection of tracking refunds by customers even if I'm not online, i get details through email. wonderful extension it is!
Very easy to made requests
Review by Suzanne
I got very positive response after installing refund request in my magento. It's very easy for customers to make requests and for me to easily get notified and manage them. Highly recommended.
easy requests collection and management
Review by Aaron
Rather than getting refund requests through phone calls or other contact medium, refund request extension helped me to get all stored in backend and manage as per the requests queue. It made it very easy to collect and manage requests in such a way.
quick refund requests
Review by ann
rather than contacting my store, customers can directly request for refund by cancelling orders. I have got this extension a bit customized to work with store credits. No issues, simple awesome extension.
Ideal to manage refunds
Review by Gerald B.
The extension changed the tendency of my customers to contact directly for refund requests. Refund Request helped me to improve user experience of my customers, thank you guys.
No more manual returns
Review by janice d. matos
Module installation has automated managing refund processes. Customers call for refund requests has decreased to none after implementation of it. No more manual returns or requests, everything goes so smooth without any fuss. Thumbs up !!
Streamlined refund process
Review by Dana Erazo
The extension proved to be best and works like a charm. It meets all our requirements to streamline refund requests and process them. Excellent module, keep up the good job.
Must buy
Review by Aretha D.
Extension helped me in a great way to deal with all refund requests on my store. My customers have a clear understanding of making refund requests. My support queries and call reduced greatly after installation of magento refund request by magecomp.
Reliable return system
Review by s. f. santiago
Before my purchase of refund request module, managing and processing all the requests was a tough cookie to crack. But now, I can easily manage them all. Customers are happier with reliable and friendly refund system. I appreciate the efforts by Magecomp. Highly recommended.
Easily manageable refund requests
Review by June Backer
After installation of refund requests in my magento, all the requests are easily manageable through the data stored. I can process all incoming requests timely using the data. Thanks magecomp for this great plugin. Well done!
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Version : 1.0.1 Date : 11-04-2018

- Now, Customer can refund for selected prdouct from an order.

- Added Refund request form for getting detailed product refund information

- Minor Bug fixing and User Improvements