Magento Minimum Quantity for Group Products

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Now restrict your customer to purchase your group product in minimum quantity.
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Magento has default feature to set a minimum number of units to be ordered for all types of products, except group, configurable and bundle products. Some of store owners are looking to extend this feature for group products, so MageComp comes up with Magento Minimum Quantity Grouped Products

Now you can restrict your customer to purchase any group product in minimum quantity. Customer will see error notification for the minimum quantity if they are adding quantity less then admin configured for any product.

This feature is currently available per products, so admin will have to configure the minimum quantity by going in particular product.


You can enable or disable the extension from System > Configuration > MageComp > Minimum Qty for Group Product.



Multi store Support

Extension works in multi store environment, so don’t worry if you want to enable this extension for any specific store only.

Very Easy to configure
You will just need to go to product edit page from Catalog > Manage Products > Product > Edit

You will see left side tab with the name of “Minimum Qty”. Just enter the quantity you want to configure as minimum for the purchase of this product. Frontend will automatically show the  message when user will try to checkout with less quantity you have configured here.



User Friendly Message Notification

Notification message will clearly show the message about the quantity is less, user will need to add more quantity to purchase this product.


Why choose MageComp's Magento Minimum Quantity Grouped Products Extension:

  1. Extend the minimum quantity feature for group products
  2. Easy installation and configuration
  3. Available this feature on Product basis.
  4. You can set different quantity for different products.
  5. Nice message to let your customer know clearly about the minimum quantity to add in the cart.
  6. 100% Open Source
  7. You are free to customize the extension as per your requirements, or you can ask us.
  8. More Coming soon..
Good idea
Review by Micah mayo
Loved the way it allows me to set the minimum quantity of the product. its really an interesting idea.
Simply Awesome
Review by Ashlyn Parrish
Now, I can set a minimum quantity of store products with this extension. Simple but useful.
Easy to Use
Review by ashli ramsey
I have reviewed several similar extensions and finally purchased this extension. After using this extension for a month, I have found this one is the best to set minimum order quantity for group products and also love the way your support me all the time.
best one
Review by Tyler patel
In my Wholesale Bussiness, I found this extension very helpful to set minimum order quantity for a group product and highly recommended this extension, Very good product... Exactly what we needed.
More Purchase More Profit
Review by Noel Stephenson
Since a long time, I am looking for such extension that allows me to set minimum purchase quantity and finally, I found this one. it's easy to use with more functionality.
One of Best Module Ever
Review by Wilkins
Loved the way extension works so easily to set minimum quantity for to bulk purchases. it drives more sales easily.
I highly recommended everyone to use this extension.
great buy
Review by norma
i was thinking to implement such concept in my magento which requires buying set minimum quantity. it's a great buy for me and i like this to recommend others.
Best of the best extension
Review by Victor P.
Selling magento group products was not so easy before. I can restrict people to buy set quantity by me and they need to purchase order with that specified or more quantity. I love the extension and concept.
very much useful
Review by mitch
I sell personalized iPhones along with various accessories. I only wanted to accept bulk orders to lower my production cost and this extension did the trick. People are likely to buy in bulk, i'm really happy with this module.
just amazing
Review by warren
I have set up this extension in my crockery store for some specific customer groups. This helps my customers to order personalized crockery only in bulk so i can minimize making charges. loved the way it works.
purchase restriction
Review by marilyn
As my furniture sets require major use of woods and pricey products, i cannot afford to produce in lesser quantity. I have installed the module in my magento 1.8.2 to restrict users purchase lesser quantity. This helped me a lot. what a functionality, really want to recommend others.
Wonderful idea through module
Review by Charles D. Knutson
Limiting purchase based on quantity for group products is wonderful idea developed through a module. Using it in my magento 1.7 and getting benefit of targeted conversion.
Nod to bulk purchase only
Review by R. M. Springer
I have customized the extension to implement on my jewelry set category. Now my customers know the minimum quantity to place order for them. Really very useful extension. Cheers !!
Great extension to validate single order
Review by Bill Meyer
I’m selling furniture sofa sets in my store, until now it was troublesome task for me to say NO for a single order by customers. My chat guy was fed up with this common question answer routine. After installation of this extension, it seems great to notify and validate customers through message for single order. Awesome feature set. Loved it.
Bulk purchase only
Review by Barbara
My store is having a product – 3 piece blazer suit which can only be prepared based on furmo design. It costs me much more if I got single order, it was really hard for me to manage such orders. I installed minimum quantity for grouped products by magecomp and loved the functionality it serves. I have set to allow minimum 15 quantities per order and now it encourages customers to order in bulk. Thank you magecomp.
More quantity more sale
Review by Kathy k.
The module ends up users buying in extended quantities and it helps me manage them easily and earn more. Loved the feature and module both. Highly recommended.
Perfect for wholesalers
Review by robyn c. draper
I’m selling knife sets, machinery parts and many products in wholesale. I also provide samples for free in some of them. I have set minimum quantity to receive minimum order amount and it works perfect as per my need. Magecomp, you rock!!
Thank you for this extension
Review by Hennich
first to comment that the extension works nice. Looking forward, the same extension for Configurable products.
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