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Magento 2 WhatsApp Share provides facility to share Magento store products along with other details through WhatsApp messaging app and WhatsApp Web.
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According to Statista, WhatsApp tops the charts of monthly active users and it’s still increasing day by day. To make the most out of your Ecommerce store, utilizing the WhatsApp in marketing is crucial. MageComp has come up with Magento 2 WhatsApp Share extension to provide customers the facility to share product details in WhatsApp. This proves to be indirect source of marketing which can lead to more traffic and conversions. Apart from product name and URL, it allows sharing price, special price, description and coupon code as well. You can show WhatsApp sharing button in category and product pages to encourage customers share their favorite products to their friends and relatives.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 WhatsApp Share extension:

  • Facilitate customers to share product URL along with product name, description, price, special price and coupon code on whatsApp.
  • Category specific product sharing enable facility.
  • Option to set custom labels for product name, description, price, special price and discount.  
  • Limit product description characters length from backend.
  • Option to select one of the three sizes for sharing button: small, medium, large.
  • Add custom message from backend to send with product details.
  • Set coupon code to send with product details to encourage customers for purchase.
  • Enable use of Bitly to share shorter URLs in WhatsApp.
  • Enable UTM tracking code while sharing to analyze visits from various links shared through WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Share works with all WhatsApp enabled mobile devices.
  • Full Resposive
  • WhatsApp Share now works with WhatsApp Web as well.
A real ADDON to your store
Review by Jerry
Great idea, and nicely executed. nothing but good words for the creators, and the nice and sweet support here.
Extremely useful module
Review by Dalia
Thank you for providing such a useful module! looking forward to see some other extension from you guys.
Lovely concept
Review by Shawna gomez
I love WhatsApp that's why this extension becomes my favorite among all available extension for Magento 2.
Also, the sharing is quick and quite easy.
Worth to install
Review by Walter Stafford
Generally, customers are willing to share product which they loved & get at a very good price or services and WhatsApp is widely used messaging app so it is really worth to install this extension.
Worth to install
Review by Walter Stafford
Generally, customers are willing to share product which they loved & get at a very good price or services and WhatsApp is widely used messaging app so it is really worth to install this extension
Simply Amazing
Review by Glenn Brock
Overwhelmed with the extension and support. Currently, i am using it on multiple shops. Works without any issues, highly recommended to others.
Easy Whatsapp Share Module
Review by vika svereikiene
I was looking for such a plugin that allows my customers to share product easily they loved among their friends & family and it does the really good job as it said.
Perfect Whatsapp Share Extension
Review by Joe loy
Great Extension that allows my customers to share products using short link and the best part of this extension is that I can track hot favorite products among my customers.
mobile sharing made easy
Review by Dennis
whatsapp share is an amazing extension to encourage share through their mobile phones anytime. Really worth my purchase.
Easily reach to smart phones
Review by Jamie
Whatsapp share made it for my blogs to easily reach smart phones. People really love to share my blogs through mobile phones. I've started getting more mobile traffic after implementation this.
sharing made easy
Review by Hamish
The extension helped me make sharing easy from wherever my customers are. Such a handy sharing from anywhere anytime. Whatsapp users are sharing it widely after i installed it. Kudos to the developer and team.
UTM feature is just amazing
Review by mabel strub
the best feature available in whatsapp sharing is UTM tracking. with this, i can track my conversions through whatsapp and thus it helps me promote more products and offer discounts. amazing extension it is!
sharing booster
Review by shane
most of the visitors from my customer base use smart phones and this extension proved to be boon as it helps sharing through whatsapp. Tiny yet highly useful.
Best option for sharing in mobile
Review by Hodge
My Magento 2 blog site was lacking reaching to mobile users and magecomp overcome this by whatsapp share extension. Now people are willingly share my blogs on whatsapp and this leads to more mobile traffic. Keep up the great job magecomp (Y)
Best sharing option for smart phones
Review by A. Burke
Whatsapp share helped my blogs reach to mobile users in very short period. People prefer whatsapp sharing over other social share options.
superb implementation
Review by jimmie
from features, functionality, configuration to support, everything just works perfect. There are many features that brought the advancement on sharing. Superb extension by magecomp.
utm tracking is what i needed
Review by D. Phillips
I wanted to analyze my sales data made through social sharing. Whatsapp share made it so easy to analyze data and making decisions based on it. perfect match to my need.
The most used sharing option
Review by Webb
After implementing this functionality, it drastically improved social sharing of my blogs because of my numerous mobile users. Sharing became perfect after using Whatsapp share extension by magecomp. Loved it.
Improved sharing on mobile devices
Review by Marjorie
As my website traffic is high from mobile devices, it improved product sharing on whatsapp due to this extension. I really witnessed high traffic on my site from Whatsapp sharing. Thanks magecomp for this wonderful extension.
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Version : 1.0.1 Date : 12-10-2017

WhatsApp Share now works with WhatsApp web as well.

  • Image is not loading while sharing the product through WhatsApp?

Reason can be from the following,
Please make sure you have og tags implemented on your website.
Make sure your product image size is lower then 300 kb.

  • Can I enable WhatsApp Share for specific category or product?

Right now you can only enable WhatsApp Share on all categories or selected categories but not on selected products. If you still want to enable this functionality, ask us for professional customization.

  • What if I want to add custom sized button for sharing?

The extension already facilitates with 3 button size: small, medium and large for sharing products. If you need other size than this 3, you can contact us for professional customization.

  • What if I don’t have special price and still I have enabled it for sharing?

Special price will only be shared on WhatsApp if they are set with products. They will not be sent if not set even if it’s enabled in configuration.

  • What is the use of URL with UTM code?

It helps you to track visits through WhatsApp sharing in Google Analytics.

  • What is the use of discount and coupon code in WhatsApp Sharing?

This feature is mainly added to share coupon code and promote your store products. It helps to encourage users to visit your site and make purchases.

  • Can my visitors see sharing button in category page as well?

Yes, users can see WhatsApp Share button on category page as well from WhatsApp installed mobiles.

  • What if I check WhatsApp Share enabled page from desktop?

WhatsApp Share works only with mobile phones having WhatsApp installed. For desktop versions, we have put a notice for visitors to know that sharing is only possible through mobile devices.

  • Do I need additional license for my development server?

No, you can purchase the extension by entering live domain URL, and email us your development URL. We are asking for domain URL just for our records.