Magento 2 Instagram Integration

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Magento 2 Instagram Integration Extension by MageComp integrates Magento with Instagram to fetch Instagram images based on username / hashtags and allows admin to tag products with image to showcase in frontend popup to create shoppable Instagram store.

Regular Price: $99.00

Special Price $79.00

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Regular Price: $99.00

Special Price $79.00


Social media has become a major source of getting updated with the current trend. The influence of Social Networks has become so big nowadays and has spread all over, including sales. From fashion and style to finance and Ecommerce, social media has ruled the world of marketing. After Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest; Instagram is growing popularity at the rate of knots. Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most popular mobile photos, video sharing application where Instagram images get more engagement than regular posted texts. Projected to surpass 111 million in 2019, Instagram is the dominant media sharing platform in the world. Having such a large user base, Instagram is an ideal platform for businesses to promote their products and services, connect with existing customers and look for potential customers.

Magento 2 Instagram Integration Extension by MageComp provides the ability to update images from Instagram based on user usernames or hashtags. Using this extension, you can also tag your store products with Instagram images. Having such Instagram is what you need to have on your store to take a relationship with your customers to a new level. Till date, Several store owners have claimed to get more traffic after integrating Instagram with Magento 2. Driving users to your Magento 2 store will not only help you to boost store sale but also indirectly helps in building an online reputation, branding, search results ranking and social recommendation of products. This kind of activity helps people bringing more interest in purchase with the use of Instagram images and improve existing store conversion rates.

So, Install Magento 2 Instagram Integration and raise your market position, make your brand popular, earn high SERPs and bring more traffic to your Magento 2 store.

Based on our clients’ demand, we have launched Instagram Integration for Magento 2 in two versions – Basic and Pro.

Feature Comparison for Magento 2 Instagram Integration basic and pro version:

Features Instagram Integration Basic Instagram Integration Pro
Price 99$ 149$
You can also fetch multiple Instagram images that are posted in single Carousel post.
Enabled Instagram Popup on Homepage for showcasing products.
Showcase Instagram images and Videos on various CMS pages: home page, product page.
Option to enable/disable extension for both home and product pages.
Showcase Instagram images/Videos in more view section and product details section of product page as well.
Set number of images/Videos to show on home page, product page and Instagram page.
Simply fetch Instagram images by adding Instagram client id & access token to the Magento 2 Instagram configuration.
Add Instagram hashtags / username to fetch and show images and videos based on chosen topic.
Admin can even add multiple Instagram users and hashtags to the list to fetch images/Videos.
Easily enable/disable extension for different page type.
Instagram images are shown in a responsive popup.
Show navigation buttons in image/videos popup to navigate through them.
Update Instagram image list just with a single click based on set configuration.
The admin can delete or approve Instagram images from list before use.
Delete approved images and save them back to new images section.
Add or edit image information like titles, links, related products directly from Approved Images Manager.
Choose one of the two views of Instagram image popup in Instagram page: Titles with links or Product Blocks.
Image titles can be linked to redirect visitors to a particular page.
Show Instagram profile username along with link in popup.
Image likes and comment counts on image hover on Instagram page.
Inbuilt cron system to fetch Instagram image likes and comments counts.
Show hotspots on Instagram images on hover of various titles.
Drag and drop pins to automatically set hotspot positions from backend to show in frontend.
Use the extension as your own Instagram widget on any page.
You may specify tag per product.
Instagram feed can be positioned as per choice. 
Extension provides multi store support.

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: :Magento 2 Instagram Extension Feature Highlights: :

Display Instagram images anyplace

You can configure the extension to display Instagram image & videos on at any place of your store. Use Magento 2 backend options to limit the number of images shown in store frontend.

Instagram Page in Frontend 

Edit Image Information 

Fetch Images by Username or Hashtags

Magento Backend option to make a selection of Instagram fetching source by using the username or relevant hashtags as per your business needs to showcase in-store frontend.

Advanced Approved Images Manager

You can use the store backend Instagram Approved Images Manager to manage images that are displaying on Magento store frontend.

Instagram Page in Frontend 

Edit Image Information 

Manage Image Information

Use the Magento 2 backend Instagram image manager to manage images and information that displayed on store frontend like title, link, description and use up to five hotspots to highlight store product on the image.

Responsive Layout

Magento Instagram extension is built with a responsive designed layout that can easily work with any theme without affecting your responsive web design.

Instagram Page in Frontend 

Edit Image Information 

Instagram Popup

On click of an Instagram image from the Instagram page, the extension will open a responsive popup with detailed image information like title, description and hotspots that configured set from the backend.

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Nice product
Review by Jérémy
Nice product
Lot more easier
Review by Jace Vargas
After testing other Instagram extensions, I found this one easy to handle Instagram from Magento backend. not only this extension contains more option compared to others.
Lovely Extension
Review by Kerry Franks
A really Smart extension that helps to integrate Instagram with Magento & brings my Instagram images to Magento store.
love the concept behind this extension.
So many functionalities
Review by lillian pfeiffer
I have never seen such a well-developed extension with so many functionalities, loved the way it integrates with Magento and shows Instagram images based on my config, really Overwhelmed with the extension.
So many functionalities
Review by lillian
I have never seen such a well-developed extension with so many functionalities, loved the way it integrates with Magento and shows Instagram images based on my config, really Overwhelmed with the extension.
Hot sale with hotspot
Review by Troy
I have reviewed several similar Instagram extensions but am really impressed with pro feature of this module and fallen in love with hotspot feature. Such a great development.
Out of the box functionality
Review by morales
This extension come with lots more functionality even than I am looking for to enhance my Instagram product page, I am really amazed by functionality and quick support team in need.
Thanks magecomp, really appreciated
The Best Instagram Extension - The Best Custom Dev Services
Review by Michael
There are several Instagram extensions out there for Magento 2; but MageComp's Instagram Integration Pro extension offers by far the most product upselling features, extensibility, and value. My organization was extremely pleased with the Pro Enterprise version of the extension, and, when we decided we wanted some custom features added specific to our business practice, MageComp's custom development services provided were clear, efficient, timely, and cost-effective. This is a great company with very dedicated, professional, and talented people at the helm and writin' code! Thank you MageComp!
Everything we needed + very easy and well done custom dev.
Review by Michael
My organization installed this extension. MageComp included some great upselling features out of the box that other instagram extensions don't have. Furthermore, when we decided that we wanted some additional custom functionality added to the extension, we simply outlined what we were looking for, and MageComp provided a reasonable development estimate and delivery timeline. WE LOVE IT!!!!
New Definition of store with Instagram showcase
Review by martin
Amazing idea with multiple functions now I can drive more sales by showcasing my product to Instagram and let my customers identify the product for which they are looking for.
very well integration
Review by luther rimmer
I was not aware that integrating instagram with magento can bring such a great looks and functionality. Even though i got this extension customized to match my theme, i really salute magecomp for showing me direction to sell through this social media.
Bring selling to the new level
Review by Cooper howse
I wanted to show instagram images on magento and thus found instagram extension from magecomp. it provides much more than my expectations and i created a different type of selling shop. this extension brings selling to the new level. Love it
Happy with Extention
Review by Dharmesh
Last many time i check magento2 Instagram extension as per my requirement.
Finally i fins great extension
its Too good and easy to manage, thanks
Feature rich integration
Review by Seth Jardine
Utilizing the best out of Instagram and developing a feature rich extension is what magecomp has done. No one can beat the features and functionality it serves. I sell watches and it helped my brand being popular in a faster way. Thak you team
Best ever use of Instagram for magento
Review by Henry
no one can believe how perfectly and innovatively magecomp has integrated features to work with instagram in magento. it brought me new way to sell products with use of instagram. best ever use of instagram for magento, I highly recommend this extension to others.
overwhelmed with the instagram extension
Review by betty
I purchased this extension to bring instagram images on my magento jewelry shop. visitors get inspired to check my products and buy as well. Really it helped me to increase sale. totally overwhelmed!
I bet on this extension
Review by Robert
I bet no one can find such a functional extension for best use of Instagram on Magento 2 store. What a superb functionality and features. Overwhelmed with the support too.
magento + instagram = most functional shop
Review by steven
I was needing basic instagram integration with my magento but after understanding all the features and making use of them made it an awesome instagram shop so far. This is what I can say wow!
Instagram improved my sales
Review by N. E. Jenkins
I was unaware about using Instagram in such a useful way. The product redirection links in popup does the trick to encourage customers buy. Loved the way whole concept is designed. Highly recommended to other magento folks.
Best utilization of instagram
Review by Lois
Instagram images can be utilized in such a way was out of my mind. The extension impressed me to the core with its tremendous functionality and features. I would happily recommend it to others without any hesitation.
Super awesome idea
Review by Beth
Using instagram images and videos on my magento store is the best idea i have ever found. Utilizing instagram for selling is just what we can get best out of it. Thanks a tons magecomp for this wonderful plugin.
Amazing features, loved it
Review by B. Venne
Instagram by magecomp provides amazing features to attract my store visitors and encourage them for purchase. I'm getting benefit of my instagram feeds in magento store. Simply awesome is what i can say about this extension.
hotspot feature rocks
Review by Phelps
Too many functionality in a single module. My fashion business on instagram getting more hype and i use hotspots to show perfect product, lend people to it and encourage buying them. Loved the feature it serves.
Awesome use of instagram images
Review by corey bogdan
I recently purchased the only available best magento 2 instagram extension. It showed me better results just in 2 days as 12 inquiries for products and 53 followers on instagram. The best way to use instagram images and videos on store. Super awesome module.
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PRO Basic
Version : 1.0.7 Date : 25-09-2018

- Fetching of Instagram images made easy just by client id & access token.
Version : 1.0.4 Date: 25-09-2018

- Fetching of Instagram images made easy just by client id & access token.

Version : 1.0.6 Date : 16-06-2018

- Compatible with NEW API
Version : 1.0.3 Date: 06-06-2018

- Compatible with new Instagram API.

Version : 1.0.5 Date: 05-03-2018

- Multiple Images in Single Post
- Minor UI Improvements
- Popup Functionality on Homepage
Version : 1.0.2 Date: 23-01-2018

- Minor bug fixing.
Version : 1.0.4 Date: 23-01-2018

- Minor bug fixing.
Version : 1.0.1 Date: 17-01-2017 -
- No authentication required to use our Instagram extension.
- Multistore support.
- Image likes and comment counts on image hover on Instagram page.
- Inbuilt cron system to update image likes and comments counts.
Version : 1.0.2 Date: 16-01-2017

- No authentication required to use our Instagram extension.
- Extension provides multi store support.
- Image likes and comment counts on image hover on Instagram page.
- Inbuilt cron system to update image likes and comments counts.
- Instagram images are shown in a responsive popup.
- New popup view for Instagram images is added named product blocks.
- New UI to provide better user experience.
Version : 1.0.1 Date: 10-11-2015

- Extension made compatible with Magento Supee 6788 patch.
  • Do I require authentication or permission Of Instagram App to use this extension?

No, you don’t need any authentication or permission to get for using it. You simply require an Instagram account and you’re done.

  • My Instagram images are not fetched and I’m getting “file_get_contents failed to open” error, what should I do?

This error occurs due to disabled extension in server. Ask your hosting provider to enable following extension and change other options as shown:

allow_url_fopen: Enable

max_execution_time: Increase it

memory_limit: 1024M

max_file_upload: 200

  • What if I don’t set number of images to fetch for each page?

If you don’t set number of images to fetch, it will fetch unlimited numbers of images based on set user names or hashtags.

  • How to add username or hashtags to fetch Instagram images?

First of select whether you want to fetch images by user name or hashtags. Once selected add user name without@” sign or hashtags without “#” as per selection.

  • Can I bring back deleted images from “New Images” section?

No, you can’t get back delete images from “New Images” section rather you can update image list to fetch new images based on user names or hashtags.

  • Can I bring back deleted images from “Approved Images” section?

Yes, all the delete images go back to the new images section from approved images. Simply go to new images section and approve them back to bring them in approved images section.

  • How can I set hotspots’ positions from backend?

Simply drag and drop pins on object of images to auto set positions of hotspots.

  • Can I set multiple product IDs for product block layout of popup?

No, as each product goes with a particular hotspot and one cannot relate multiple products with one hotspot. So it’s not possible.

  • Can I show Instagram block on any page of my website?

Yes, you can show Instagram block on any page with help of widget. Simply insert widget on the page settings from backend and the Instagram block will show automatically.

  • Can I hide likes and comments counts shown on images on hover?

Right now you cannot hide them but with minor customization, you can hide them. Even you can show comments related to Instagram image with customization, contact us for customization if required.

  • How many products can I show in popup?

You can show maximum 5 products in popup right now. If you want more to add, you can contact us & ask for customization.

  • How can redirect customers to my profile on Instagram App from this extension?

Extension facilitates with Instagram profile URL and profile picture on image popup. Simply by clicking profile, users can be redirected to your Instagram account profile in app.