Magento 2 Delivery Date

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Magento 2 Delivery Date extension allows customers to choose preferable date for product delivery.
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Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3


According to the survey, not getting product deliveries on desired dates is one of the reasons for cart abandonment. Serving customers till product purchase is not enough, convenient delivery options are also desirable in many cases such as sending gifts on special occasions, getting products before going on vacation and many more.

Magento 2 Delivery Date extension by MageComp provides your Magento store customers with ease of choosing a preferable product to receive date while order checkout. Flexible and personalized date picker options can work as an additional benefit to choose you over your competitors. 

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Delivery Date extension:

    • Offer buyers the convenience of selecting product receiving date.
    • Option to set label for Magento store customers to display in Magento frontend.
    • Backend choice to use date picker only or date and time picker along as per need.
    • Option to show comment box with the desired label in frontend for Magento store customers to enter additional comments.
    • You can exclude specific days of the week from Magento backend.
    • Enable hours in 24-hour format.
    • Option to enable same day delivery.
    • Set minimal interval of days between order date and delivery date.
    • Add dynamic holiday dates to exclude from shipping goods.
    • Simply disable specific date range when you are in vacation mode from Magento backend.
    • You can enable extension for specific Magento customer groups as per need.
    • The extension will Display, print and send selected date information in various places:

Show on:

      • Order View (Magento Backend & Magento Frontend)
      • Invoice View (Magento Backend)
      • Shipment View (Magento Backend)
      • Credit Memo View (Magento Backend)

In Printable documents:

      • Invoice (Magento Backend & Magento Frontend)
      • Shipment (Magento Backend & Magento Frontend)
      • Refund (Magento Backend & Magento Frontend)

In various Emails:

    • Invoice Email
    • Shipment Email
    • Refund Email
  • Disabled days are automatically disabled for selection from Magento customers in frontend.
  • Easy slider to select specific date & time from the Magento store frontend.
Good support
Review by Jimmy
Good support
Useful extension
Review by Kalyn meadows
A nice module, and really helpful for the customer to pick their own date and time to receive product delivery. I highly recommend this extension.
Ann Avila
Review by Shanice Pena
Bought it together with Magento 1 module and Both modules perform very well for my need.
Convenience delivery Picker
Review by Juliann m. dussault
Loved the way it allows my customers to choose their Convenience delivery date.
Convenience delivery Picker
Review by Juliann m. Dussault
Loved the way it allows my customers to choose their Convenience delivery date.
Easy delivery date picker
Review by Kurt Sloan
Loved the way it smoothly works within Magento.
Excellent add-on, setting up was easy.
Excellent delivery date picker module
Review by alondra
Allows customers to choose the delivery date according to their convenience is what they always looking for, loved the way it integrates easily with my Magento store and development of extension is also very good.
best extension for gift store
Review by hook
The best part of this extension is now my customers can choose the delivery at their convenience for occasional gifts to their friends and relatives.
Highly useful module
Review by Richard
Allowing customers their preferred date & time of order delivery is what makes my store different from my competitors. The feature is really appreciated by my customers, all thanks to magecomp developers.
customers choose own delivery time
Review by luke
after installing delivery date extension in my magento, my customers can choose their own date and time for delivery and thus it helps us to manage deliveries easily.
Most preferable
Review by Jett
I really appreciate the idea and implementation how amazing this extension is developed and it works. The most preferable feature by customers as they can decide when they want the order delivery. Very much likable and appreciable magento extension.
personalized delivery options
Review by childs
very much appreciable extension as my customers can preferably choose delivery dates for their orders. It provides them personalized delivery options and thus make a big impact for my store. loved it, highly recommended!
Works fine even with custom theme
Review by David Raines
Delivery date works well even with custom theme. I had a small query regarding files and magecomp replied it immediately to solve them.
Taking delivery to a new level
Review by M. Marshall
My customers are happier than ever after getting delivery selection option. I have got the extension customized a bit to charge extra for gift wrap and other addon services.
superb delivery selector
Review by brunet price
Providing selection of delivery date and time with the choice of my setting is what makes me feel wow. Now product shipping is more organized and it can be delivered timely.
Helping hand to customer service
Review by Lucienne
Delivery date helps my customer service team as the date and time can be selected by customers and can be seen on the go. Even the calls asking the estimated delivery time also have been reduced greatly. Truly a helping hand!
delivery date works well
Review by Dorothy
my customers can easily select date, time of delivery at the time of checkout. it helped me managing deliveries so well. It works awesome in my store.
delivery date = happy customers
Review by R. Byrd
After installation of delivery date, my customers are happy to get delivery on their specified time. superb functionality by this extension.
Impressive module
Review by Brian
delivery date proves to be best satisfaction and user experience provider to my customers as they can specify preferred delivery date. awesome functionality, impressive module.
Impressive extension
Review by Jesse Harrington
This was the only feature my Magento 2 store lacking and my customers were asking often for. I have an online gift store where people generally buy things to gift and for the reason they wanted to have calendar to select specific delivery date. This extension worked just like me and my customers wanted. Impressive one, I recommend all.
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Version : 1.0.4 Date : 03-01-2019

- Option to set time picker mandatory for checkout if needed.

- Added option to set date and comment while creating order from backend.

Version : 1.0.3 Date : 22-08-2018

- Added backend option to choose frontend picker

Version : 1.0.2 Date : 30-07-2018

- Time picker function is removed after getting lots of customer request.

Version : 1.0.1 Date : 09-02-2017

- Added option to enable same day delivery.

- Included delivery date information in various places:

Show on:

  • Order View (Backend & Frontend)
  • Invoice View (Backend)
  • Shipment View (Backend)
  • Credit Memo View (Backend)

In Printable documents:

  • Invoice (Backend & Frontend)
  • Shipment (Backend & Frontend)
  • Refund (Backend & Frontend)

In various Emails:

  • Invoice Email
  • Shipment Email
  • Refund Email

- Set minimal interval of days between order date and delivery date.

- Add dynamic holiday dates to exclude from delivery.

- Disable delivery date for specific date range.

- Enable delivery date for specific customer groups.

  • I want my customers to provide additional requirement information along with delivery date and time selection, how can I facilitate?

Delivery Date extension facilitates to enable comment box in frontend with custom title. Enable this comment box with the desired title to show in frontend and allow customers to add additional requirement information like gift wrapping request, birthday tag attachments etc. details.

  • How to disallow customers selecting weekend as delivery date selection?

If you don’t want to provide delivery on weekends, simply select days from Delivery Date & Time Settings --> Exclude Delivery Days. It will disable the selection for these days.

  • Can I disable delivery date selection for 2 days from the day of order placement?

Yes, simply set Minimal Delivery Interval in days to disable delivery date selection for specified days from order placement.

  • Can I disable delivery on days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day which doesn’t have exact dates?

Yes, these days get changed every year dynamically. Extension allows you to add dynamic holidays to exclude from delivery. Simply add such days in proper format in Exclude Dynamic Holidays from Delivery and you can disable delivery date selection for such dates.

  • How can I exclude delivery dates if I can’t deliver for some days?

You can specify date range to exclude delivery days from selection.

  • Can I hide delivery date extension for some of my customer groups?

Yes, simply enable Delivery Date for Customer Groups and only select groups for which you want to enable or allow delivery date selection, other groups will not get delivery date selection automatically.

  • Can I show delivery date details in order documents?

Yes, extension facilitates to show, print and send delivery date data in various documents and Emails. You just need to select documents and Emails for it from Display On/Print In/Send In.

  • Can I set delivery time in 12 hours format selection in frontend?

No, right now we have developed the extension to show time in 24 hours format. But if you want it to set for 12 hours selection, Contact Us for professional customization.

  • Can I disable previous delivery dates from selection?

Yes, that’s how the extension works. It automatically disables previous days from delivery date selection.

  • Can I set different time slots for specific days?

No, it’s not possible right now but you can Ask Us for customization to fulfil this requirement.