Magento 2 Custom Options Absolute Price

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Magento 2 Custom Options Absolute Price allows adding one off charges as absolute pricing to Magento store products.
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As default Magento lacks charging absolute pricing to products, many store owners need this functionality to implement for various reasons. Magento 2 Custom Options Absolute Price by MageComp allows adding absolute price to override base price. 

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Custom Options Absolute Price extension:

  • There are many usage of this extension and some of them are:
    • To charge single day delivery
    • To apply Extend warranty charges
    • Charge for gift wrapping
    • To apply tooling, printing charges
  • Apply one off charges independent of product quantity. 
  • The extension supports all default Magento product types.
  • Absolute pricing added directly to checkout.
Highly recommend!
Review by Samuel English
The module works really hard to fix limitation of default Magento 2 custom options and really handy tool for a customer to calculate product price.
Very good extension
Review by Heaven Mckenzie
A useful tool to calculate product price based on custom options.
Really good extension for store owners.
excellent Magento Extension
Review by robert a. henry
excellent add-on, setting up was easy also its very easy to use extension.
Excellent Magento Extension
Review by Robert a. henry
Excellent add-on, setting up was easy also its very easy to use extension.
Easy to Use Module
Review by Sandy nieves
Such a great extension that allows me to set different price for custom options, really helpful extension.
Works without any issue
Review by bridges
I have used this extension for more than 3 months, it's very easy to sell a customized product using the extension, development is also good and easy to work with.
out of the box feature
Review by henry davies
I sell personalized machinery parts which required to one time moulding charges. With absolute price extension, i could do with all my requirements. Best extension and out of the box feature it is!
Perfect absolute pricing calculations
Review by Max Gerrald
After trying almost 4 extensions, i checked the demo of absolute price by magecomp, i tested more than 5 test cases and it showed the perfect calculations. It convinced me enough to purchase, install and utilize. I'm in love with the perfect calculations of absolute pricing.
Best extension so far
Review by V. Salas
Best extension from all the other available extensions. Very much impressed with the working and development. Highly appreciated.
absolute pricing works as I want
Review by D. Morris
Recently jumping to magento 2, it required to apply absolute pricing on my products. I bought this extension and the absolute pricing works just perfect as i want. Very useful extension it is!
Exactly what i wanted
Review by H. Johnson
Extension really helps customizing pricing options to be shown. Also when absolute is selected, it shows the actual price. The extension exactly does what i wanted. really happy with the development.
Very good extension
Review by ritschi72
Very usefull extension, customer support answers really quick. I am very happy with it.
Highly recommended!
100% works
Review by Ellen
Absolute pricing is what i needed for my magento 2 store. Bought from magecomp, installed and works as expected. Wonderful functionality.
best absolute price extension available in market
Review by gilbert
I was in desperate need of absolute pricing in my magento 2 and this extension is what i required. Perfect development, easy installation and super functionality, everything 10 on 10.
Delighted with the functionality
Review by Jarome
None of the extensions available in market provide this much functionality. I wasted my money once buying from other site, but from magecomp, i was totally amazed with the features. Really delighted.
Superb module
Review by Clifton
Custom options absolute price is what i was thinking to get customized for my store. After a lot of research, i found this extension exact matching up with my requirements in such a reasonable price. Superb, must buy.
absolute pricing rocks
Review by bruce
Apart from all available extensions in market, magecomp provides additional functionality to add both normal and one off absolute prices. I use it on my paper printing online store. Highly recommended.
Perfect match to my need
Review by joyce loftis
I'm using absolute pricing with configurable products. works just to fit my need. Awesome experience, superb functionality.
apply one off charges for same day delivery
Review by Jose
I have Magento store for grocery and toiletry items and also a physical store in California. People order various items and ask for same day delivery. Until I installed Custom options absolute price for magento 2, i was charging same day delivery charge while delivery, now i can get it in advance. Loved the functionality. Awesome work!
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Version: 1.0.4 Date : 17-08-2018

- Compatible with Magento default tax.

Version: 1.0.3 Date : 12-05-2017

- Made compatible with Magento 2.1.6.

Version : 1.0.2 Date : 29-11-2016

- Made compatible with Configurable products.

- Solved the issue with fixed and percentage type while adding absolute pricing.

- Solved issue with setting multiple options with fixed and percentage type.

Version : 1.0.1 Date : 20-09-2016

- Now you can apply one off charges independent of product quantity.

  • What is absolute pricing? How to apply it on product?

Default Magento custom pricing works as adding set price to base product amount. Absolute pricing works to replace the set base product price rather than adding to it. To apply absolute pricing on product, create custom option with absolute type selected.

  • What is one off charge? How to apply it on product?

One off charge is one time charge applied to product order independent of quantity. To apply one off charge on product, you need to create a custom option with one-off charge type selected.

  • Why can’t I see changes in prices while selecting various absolute and one-off charge custom options on product page?

Absolute prices are added directly to checkout only and thus can’t be seen applied on product page.

  • Where can I use absolute prices?

Absolute prices are charges to orders without adding into product prices. They are used in charging single day delivery, to extend warranty charges, to charge for gift wrapping and many more.

  • When should I apply one-off charges?

One off charges are applied to orders when product quality doesn’t matter like tooling & screen printing charges.