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I wish we will get out of this lockdown now, but we are required to stay as protected as we can. So with that today let’s add some productive knowledge to yourself, We are going to see The Best 7 ways to use social effectively to boost your Magento Sales. So, let’s get In?.


40% of the world’s population thrives on social media platforms. Be it entertainment, socializing, or news, Social Media has got all the sections covered. This makes it a great virtual place for the shoppers, thereby opening an opportunity for the businessmen to make amazing sales.

Amidst a who;e ton of features and options lying under social media, it is important to understand the optimal usage of it when it comes to bringing results. What shall generate sales for one brand may not be as useful to the others. But conversion rates can be increased for all by making use of proper tactics and precise implementation.

In this blog, we shall look upon 7 master tips to boost your E-commerce sales through the power of Social Media!


Making use of relevant, logical, and powerful hashtags can always bring you customers. These hashtags help your audiences to navigate your brand and products easily. Even if they are engaged with some other company, the hashtags can fetch them to you, if they are designed attractively. The hashtags could either be product-based, campaign-based, or trend-based. Using any of these can boost your conversion rates as more and more people will be attracted to your store. 

GlobalWebIndex shows that around 54% of users browse social media to look for the products.

Offers and Discounts

Through social media, it becomes easy to have a one-on-one connection with your audiences. In order to make things exciting for them, keep coming up with offers, discounts, giveaways, and campaigns. This helps in retaining their loyalty as well as the conversion rate increases. According to PWC, 37% of the consumers find their inspiration to purchase through the social media networks and these offers may aid in inducing the sales.

Instagram, TikTok and Facebook

Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are the best apps to sell your products. Instagram aids you with the feature of Shoppable tags to induce more sales by sharing multiple links and even has the feature to pop up ads and stories of your brand. Sprout Social says that 72% of teens use Instagram which is great news for all the online merchants. TikTok is the most trending platform nowadays and could prove to be a great initiative for your online business. 

Facebook has always been the most trusted and convenient way of selling your products online as 74% of its users check their feed daily. You can always resort to tying up with influencers on these platforms to boost your sales.

Social Media Ads

Your efforts might all turn into vain if you do not have enough audience to look out for. And to solve this problem you must always invest in Social media ads to grab the customer’s attention and attract them to your store. Invest in ads on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as they are the most effective. As per digiDay, Ad spending on Instagram is 23% higher than that on Facebook whereas Twitter says that their ads are 11% more effective than TV ads! Thus, ads are what you must be eyeing at.

Joining groups

Be active on your social media pages. Join groups as well as invite people to your pages so that the reach can be maximized. Joining various groups can help you have a variety of audiences and they can help you promote products to others as well. Maintaining a regular social media handle is also essential while you are looking to increase the conversion rates.


While formulating strategies it is also important to keep a check on their performance. Take the help of Google Rank Trackers and other Analytical tools to see that your social media pages are performing well or not. These analyses help you in revising your strategies and measure the success and conversion rates for your online business. 

As per Smart Insights, 80% of businesses feel that their social media strategies are commendable while only 8% of consumers believe that they are doing a great job.


Curalate reports that 50% of the customers visiting online sites make their buying decisions after having a look at the user-generated content. Thus, it becomes extremely important to keep your page open to consumer reviews as well as publish them for your store visitors. Read why Online Reviews are important for your E-commerce business and incorporate them into your business today.

Summing up:

These are the routine tips that can easily boost your online sales. All you need to do is analyze your store and decide what strategy does your brand need! 

Social Media has the power to perform wonders. With half of the world almost spending their lives on it, your business can utilize this strength to attain pinnacles of success. All you gotta do is get your Social Media Marketing right, effective, and optimized!

To get any help with this, you can anytime contact us! If you have anything to add-on or any question, then feel free to call our Support Team. also, go through various social media Magento 2 Extensions provided by MageComp. Hopefully, this blog has helped you to enhance your knowledge. If so, then don’t forget to share it with your Magento groups. Also we are open to your reviews regarding this in the comment section below. 

Stay indoors, stay safe!

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